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Social media now days going mature day by day. Gone are the days when people used to have multiple fake accounts on Facebook or twitter.


The lawyer of President Donald Trump has said that mock interview is false. Everyday new contervery apppeared in case of Trump and whitehouse. White House got tradition that former employees write books to make it embarrassed. Robert Mueller's has given the interview and said American president should be end of the orange jumpsuit. President of USA have issues with all major institutions like media and judicial setups. Trump personal lawyer had told all impressions in book is completely false. In BOB Woodward it shows up nervous breakdown of Donald Trump US President. It’s clear that president is moody in nature, he never miss chance to tweet may whatever the issue is. In BOB Woodward is written that he is idiots and pointless try to trust him by anything. He also says that we aren't in the caryworld. " it’s not sure that everything written in the book is true but now it becomes talk of the town.


In this report, China has to invest in Africa. China will invest 136 billion dollars for Africa. India missed these oppertunity which China or UK tried to grab. China says that more and more investment will done for Africa to providing the jobs. Theresa May had Promises to invest in Africa after Brexit. Theresa May has promise to Africa to improving the economy . She is also very interested to have business with African countries. There three country where the Theresa May will be improving economy i.e. South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. Theresa May is improving the relation between the countries i.e. U.K. and Africa. Theresa May has visited to the Africa and meets with the little children. Theresa May also says that she will give work to all children and help in diseases. Theresa May has given the speech that changing the face of the country is my dream.

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