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In International News top Headlines are in Iran two people are killed by the earthquake. Iran also suffered from tariffs row from USA. Pope is in news from many days. Peru confirmed that there’s decrease in numbers of migrants. No one wanna stay in economically weak country. Stability is needed by all citizens.

Tribute to McCain

This report present that John McCain has savage faultfinder of President of Russia Vladimir Putin, may now people are in want to have healthy relationships between Russia and USA. John McCain was Senator of the United States, was respected by many recognition in this week. He was member of republican party but he was an dissident in his party. Leaders has Tribute to John MaCain. There was no identicalness in between America and Russia as per John, people also remembered him as war hero of Vietnam. President of USA and also all big countries paid tribute to him.


IN this report, Mr. Donald Trump said that President of Russia i.e. Putin is fighting very hardly for coming elections. Putin already got two terms, in USA presidents got maximum two terms. President trump says that I'm not harder on the President Putin. There was cold war between U.S. and Russia from long time ago. American President (Trump) says that no President is harder than me on Russia. Media has asked the question to President Putin that he want to see Trump as President of America or not then Putin says that yes, I agree to see him as President because he wants to talks about the relationship of U.S. and Russia.

Today's News Summary

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