When It Comes To The Opioid Crisis, The U.S. Government Is The Ultimate Hypocrite

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The War on Drugs has been ongoing for nearly 47 years, it has cost taxpayers more than $1 trillion, and it has yet to stop the ongoing opioid crisis that has taken the lives of thousands of Americans. But not to worry, Trump announced during his first State of the Union address that he is going to fix everything.

“We must get much tougher on drug dealers and pushers if we are going to succeed in stopping this scourge,” Trump said.

By drug dealers, he clearly means major pharmaceutical companies that intentionally lie to the public about the dangers of their products, and by drug pushers, he means the doctors and physicians who prescribe opioids like candy... Oh, wait. He’s talking about the other drug dealers...

It is no secret that opioid addiction has become a serious problem in the United States, and Trump was spot on when he said, “In 2016, we lost 64,000 Americans to drug overdoses: 174 deaths per day. Seven per hour.”

But the way to cut down on opioid addiction and the deaths that result from it is not to go after drug dealers—that’s what the U.S. government claims it has been doing for nearly 47 years, and it clearly has not worked. 

What has worked has come in the form of natural medicines that the government is adamantly against.

The first of these is cannabis. A study published last year showed that the CBD found in cannabis actually blocks the opioid receptor in the brain, helping to treat patients who are addicted.

"When administered alone, this dose of cannabidiol was void of rewarding and aversive properties. The finding that cannabidiol blocks opioid reward suggests that this compound may be useful in addiction treatment settings."

The government is also pushing to ban kratom, a natural plant that has provided an alternative for and has arguably saved the lives of, many who are addicted to opioids.

The fight against kratom is currently led by the commissioner of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb, who is actually a member of the board for a pharmaceutical company that has a patent on one of Kratom’s alkaloids. He was also formerly the director of a pharmaceutical company that was charged with bribing doctors to push dangerous drugs.

If the government actually put a stop to the opioid crisis, they would end the failed War on Drugs, they would start calling out the real drug dealers, and they would stop demonizing the natural plants that have been proven to provide treatment for the people who find themselves in the snares of opioid addiction, and that something everyone should be talking about.

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He's talking about all the "unlicensed" drug dealers that don't pay into the coffers of the state/federal governments, but he might as well put them in one category. LOL! Trump isn't going to fix a damn thing!

What I find absolutely appalling is that Obama, who himself smoked pot and advertised himself as a die-hard liberal, didn't issue an executive order on the first day of his presidency to decriminalize cannabis.

He fucking had 8 years and couldn't be bothered to do it! That is Obama's unforgivable sin!


Obama is a fraud. No reason to believe anything he says.

I have seen his released birth certificate and it is HIGHLY edited. Different fonts everywhere! Any person that knows about PDF software can tell it was edited.


They are all frauds. If you think otherwise then you have had too much education.

Thanks for this piece of information!

Very interesting article!!!

The fact that the state wants to add drugs like katom to their "war" is obsurd. They can't keep drugs out of prisons where they have almost total controle. They'll never be able to keep them off of the streets. End the failed war on drugs NOW!!!


Exactly! That's a good point.


Thank you. I've been using kratom recreationaly for almost 2 years & I like it a lot. My wife began using it (kratom) for pain & she is off of ALL perscriptions. I like the energy & mental focus I get from it. It does have very mild withdrawls when you stop taking it for a while but it's no worse than what I experiance when I run out of coffie. The state is about persecution not soulution.


End it by not being part of it. Not buying pharmaceutical. Not paying for it indirectly such as taxes or donation to so called charities that funnel back to big pharmacy or test. Get out of the USSA regime.

The war (on some) drugs is an absolute fraud. Organized crime has a say in all aspects of government activity.

Mike Adams from NaturalNews.com call doctors as nothing more than legalized drug dealers because all they push are addictive pharmaceutical meds.

Here is a good video that explains Big Pharma and the collusion with FDA.

Thank you for this article @rachelblevins.

The drug war is a failed and racist policy and must be ended. I just wrote a similar steemit post today about how this toxic kind of thinking is invading libertarian circles. I do hope you will read it and see how I point out the nasty PR techniques that these "think tanks" use to push their agendas...

Which is part of our battle. Identifying where sophism is used to control the population, and call it out for what it is.


Thank you! I will check it out!


The only thing you need to understand that when laws are passed it means exactly the opposite.
Watch this video by Mike Adams.

Thank you for the well rounded report full of valuable information. Upvoted, resteemed and following.


Thank you!!

I strongly agree with you. After having my brother nearly die in my arms due to the governments drug trade I can never forget the evil culprit.

Thank you for this write up. I will now follow you. I look forward to connecting further. Feel free to check out my blog, filled with my art and more. You may enjoy what you find.
Take care.

I am glad you exposed the commissioner of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb as also working with a major pharmaceutical company. Most people do NOT know the corruption at the FDA, which is nothing but a bunch of Pharmaceutical employees working within it, which is a conflict of interest.

There needs to be a law that bans ex-pharm rep or employees from pharmaceutical companies to hold position in the FDA.

Keep up the good work!


And really why are we still in Afghanistan?


Thank you!! That's a good point.

It’s incredible to me that big Pharma is able to push most of the drugs they do. Opiate addiction is a huge problem in this country. You’d think pills like Vicodin, Norco, or clonapin and Xanax were more difficult to get. Most of what doctors prescribe, now a days, is poison and utterly toxic to our system. It’s no wonder our children are walking into their middle schools shooting people. Slowly but surely everyone is going crazy!

There is too much "money" (debt) to be made by governments and corporations by criminalizing ownership of "illegal" drugs and licensing those very same drugs in different forms to doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

If you think government is ever the answer then you are not looking at things closely.

Stealing from some people (taxes), paying yourself, and then giving whatever you don't want out to some other people if they jump through enough hoops is never going to be a positive thing.

It's all about money and will always be.
You think they want taxes to help people?
You think they want to keep us safe from drugs?
You think when they say Bitcoin helps money-laundering they are against money-laundering?

We should not allow them to advance not even one inch. So...
No taxes.
Legalize all drugs.
And eradicate central banking.

Normies will be shocked but truth must be told. It's now or never.

I generally have to upload my videos twice. There seems to be some kind of issue that needs to be fixed.

Great video and topic by the way!

The effort to stop the opioid epidemic is a problem in itself. I’m on opiates because they are amazing pain killers. I can’t imagine not having them for the pain I am feeling right now.

The problem is that the medical people are creating the addiction with the way they handle the medication. They give you something to relieve your pain but then they make it artificially scarce. In my experience a big part of addiction is the fear of needing the drug and not being able to get it when you need it. I quit cigarettes by keeping three quarters of a pack around in case I needed them. I was able to not smoke a cigarette knowing that should I change my mind it would be there waiting for me. I don’t know how many times before that that I’d bought myself one more pack just because I couldn’t quit knowing that it was unavailable if I needed it. What if the store is closed? What if I can’t get there?

They need to quit creating that mind set around the drug. They should be reassuring people that should they need help that it will be available to them in the amount that they need to ease their pain.

I’m certainly not getting anything else from the drug except pain relief. Once the cause of the pain is gone, I’m all for working the medication out of my life. I’m confident that I will be able to quit when the time comes but it won’t be because of how careful everyone was in the medical industry.

It's great people like you continue to call out the establishment's hypocrisy. There really is a war against us and it's up to us to work to inform those still asleep, especially on this particular topic. If it's good for you, they'll forbid it. If it keeps you sick, they'll promote it.