FCC & Mega Corporate Cable, Trying To Repeal Existing Net Neutrality Rules: Internet Freedom Is Paramount What You and We Can DosteemCreated with Sketch.

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FCC Chairman Pai wants to repeal existing net neutrality rules. I haven't seen anything on Steemit about this besides @lauralemons who made a short post about it yesterday

I am quite surprised that I didn't see almost anything about it on Steemit as it seems everyone here should be at the forefront of censorship issues concerning the internet. The internet just may be the greatest technology/tool we have. This post took a long time to put together but because I haven't seen anything about it and it seems very important I have compiled this extensive post. 

If you want to send a letter (very easy) to the FCC you can do that here. 




Censorship is a huge issue with anything in my mind but ESPECIALLY the internet. The internet is the one place that we can bypass state and nation lines, connect with people around the world, research, investigate, contribute content, and do it all without government regulation. 

There are actually countries like China who already have a lot of internet censorship I pray that that does not begin to happen here as well. The truth is that just like with anything else we have influence, but we have to choose to do something with that influence. 

This battle for the net has been raging on for quite some time now. Despite the fact that severe censorship has been fought and beaten before the FCC and mega cable corps are constantly trying to regulate it for more power, control and profits. 

Here is a history of the net neutrality battle so far. It is not over and may never be over. We must stay vigilant!

This took me a long time to put together but I feel its important education especially for Steemians. 

All screen shots from here

Wow, I hope this is valuable education for you and that it inspires you to be involved and be vigilant. We are the ones we have been waiting for, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. We are the power~*~


Thank you so much for sharing this important information. I felt thoroughly educated on the topic after reading this!

It is an important topic one of which I am disappointed to not see posts about, comments on my posts or lots of up votes. Very disappointing indeed.
Thanks for your support though.

Yes it's highly unfortunate. More should see it's worth. Your very welcome @quinneaker !

Agreed. Most people don't care much about anything besides their next meal or fuck. Oh well.

Yep! The fate of humanity rest in the hands of conscious individuals like you and me. May we educate the masses!

Bless it be~*~

Quality. Thank you for the update. I expect if these changes ever happen then the internet would get forked.

Shared etc.

Yea, possibly though for the masses any kind of regulation or law will rule as the masses do what they have to.

Great info, sounds very interesting!

Its very important, read about it and send a letter.