Jason Goodman and Robert David Steele: Fake News, Dis-info & Intimidation

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Are Jason Goodman and Robert David Steele working together? Why is YouTube protecting the sites they work out of? There has been a non-stop internet & YouTube campaign to discredit Queen Tut from the exposing influence operations being generated by a CIA pedo-protector, RDS. Another participant in this campaign includes Jason Goodman, an online ‘news’ producer, whose deviant behavior, via videos and first hand testimony, has come to light. Both of these individuals have used their access to YouTube ‘news sites to attack Queen Tut without denying the facts in evidence:

  1. The Electoral Reform Act presented by RDS as the central theme of his UNRIG operation is non-existent. Any politically experience person would confirm that determination on review of UNRIG’s fake claims.

  2. There is video evidence of Jason Goodman describing his deviant behavior.

All Queen Tut did in both circumstances is validate and confirm this information.

What’s significantly strange about this ‘collusion’ to attack Queen Tut is that RDS has a federal lawsuit filed against Jason Goodman. In an article published globally on line, Robert David Steel has identified Queen Tut and 246 other YouTube commenters as ‘Zionist co-conspirators.’


Jason Goodman has repeatedly stated that Queen Tut is a liar and ‘infiltrator.’ The attacks and harassment are verbal, public and consistent. This bizarre coupling has an insidious back story that I will address in future posts.

They both appear use the same language and the same tactics. How is it that ‘they’ are operating on ‘opposite sides?’

Here’s evidence of Jason Goodman’s harassment against Queen Tut. He called her approximately 13 times within a 24 hour period. No doubt, to present some form of threat.


  • Frank Bacon is a long time supporter of RDS
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You spelled my name right. You got that going for you... but I’m going to warm you now Suzy Q, posting this kind of Fantasy under the genre of NEWS is a bad start... you want Bots? Cause this is how you get Bots. 😐



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