Spock & Chess • Thrift Painting Digital Artwork #1

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Edward Harisson's Spock.jpg

Hello Steem Clan! I've always loved repurposed thrift paintings, the charm and postmodernism which it evokes. A sense of Magic in the air. Miyazaki comes to mind. It's almost as if in another world, another dimension, these beings DO exist in that particular universe. Dreams do come true!

Spock is my main man, the ultimate of SciFi characters. So the first one of many, shall begin with him. After all, my blog is about all things related to Futurism, so its quite fitting.

Not only are we doing this for a bit of fun, but also for some educational purposes, a look at our past, and which painter actually created the original Masterpiece, before I got my hands on it, repurposed in the fantastic Proceate app, on the iPad Pro.


Franklin Chess.jpg

Lady Howe Mating Benjamin Franklin

Edward Harrison - 1867

"All this afternoon I spent agreeably enough at the draftboard. It is a game I much delight in; but it requires a clear head, and undisturbed; and the persons playing, if they would play well, ought not much to regard the consequence of the game, for that diverts and makes the player liable to make many false open moves; and I will venture to lay it down for an infallible rule, that, if two persons equal in judgment play for a considerable sum, he that loves money most shall lose; his anxiety for the success of the game confounds him. Courage is almost as requisite for the good conduct of this game as in real battle; for, if he imagines himself opposed by one that is much his superior in skill, his mind is so intent on the defensive part, that an advantage passes unobserved."

Quote: Benjamin Franklin

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Here you are again with such a cool article once again


Haha, thank you Sil, thought just to have a bit of educational fun x


Wow, Awesome painting ah!


Yew, thanks buddy

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