LE KRYPTO SHOW • Our First Episode Hosted By Nooberto Nakamoto • Your Weekly Crypto News! — Steemit

LE KRYPTO SHOW • Our First Episode Hosted By Nooberto Nakamoto • Your Weekly Crypto News!

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Welcome to the first episode of Le Krypo Show!

We are excited to be partners with this magnificent, and humorous Animation production house - which is basically 1 man and his computer - to give you updates on crypto news on a weekly basis.

We'll report on it all, mainly from the entertaining world of CryptoTwitter and of course SteemitCrypto.

So if you're an avid trader, or just getting into it, 2018 will be the rise of crypto into the mainstream and Le KryptoShow will aim to guide you in the best possible way by giving reports on OG Twitter trader Personalities, upcoming ICO's and of course, the Fudders and Scam artists out there.

So join Nooberto Nakamoto and give him a follow on Twitter, where we will research our content, and beyond!

Our Twitter Channel • Le Krypto Show


If you're interested in:

Technology, Art/Comic, Philosophy, Exploration, Odd Things, Science & Spock

Do Follow Our Channel:


You like SciFi short stories? We write an Original Comedy, Space Opera series on Steemit

Elron Ahura - Space Detective 2369 AD

You can read all 3 Chapters of The Synthetic Man

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

You can read the first 2 Chapters of The Murder of Dr. Roboto

Part 1 - Part2

We also Produce Seminars, last year we hosted Graham Hancock - And this year we had Dr. Lawrence Blair. Both videos of the seminars will be released later this month.

Here Is Our Trailer For The Graham Hancock Seminar - The Mystery of Gunung Padang

Our website with info on our past guests and future projects dedicated to Science, Literature & Music.


Until next time, Eat a Taco and Steem On!!

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