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This is part Three of a news series aiming to bring you the news before it hits everyone else's radar resulting in great entry points for investing!

If I've missed any news, please comment below so that I can update the list!

Today's NEWS

  • Trustcoin (TRST) - Has been accepted into EEA, the European Economic Area! They've only announced vai Slack and Facebook to date, I haven't seen any news sites pick this up yet, so act fast if you wanna invest! The price hasn't recovered from Monday's bloodbath yet, so may be a good time to check them out! Read more at: https://steemit.com/news/@promoplugs/breaking-trst-accepted-into-european-economic-area-eea-invest-before-it-hits-the-press
  • BITSPARK - Just announced that they've begun a Blockchain Remittance Trial with the UN in Tajikistan. The goal of the trial is to enable migrant works and their families to send and receive payments via smartphone devices.
  • KoreCoin (KORE) - While it's too early to tell, many appear to believe KORE is a sleeping giant! Could be because it's the first coin to offer Masternodes over Tor! Or maybe because they're also working on half a dozen interesting concepts including a new operating System called KryptonOS and a SmartPhone to run it on that focuses on Security and Privacy! Ranked at only 212 on CMC, this little gem has plenty of room to grow! To learn more check out their press release: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=668886.msg19823059#msg19823059
  • PENDING News

    • AMP - on June 30th AMP plans on releasing Wildspark, Synereo's first publicly available product! "WildSpark allows you to share the content you like in a way that rewards both you and its creator using AMPs, Synereo's digital currency." Sound Familiar? Request early access today!
    • Stratis (Strat) - Strat plans to release their new Breezewallet sometime in the next 3 days! 
    •  ZCash (ZEC) - Zcash will land on AlphaBay July 1st! Keep an eye out, because every other coin that's come to AlphaBay pumped shortly after!
    • Golem (GNT) -  Brass Golem should be released any time now but a date has not been given.
    • Ethereum Classic (ETC) - Emerald wallet is coming NEXT WEEK!
    •  DigiByte (DGB) - DigiByte is a finalist, running for the Citi Tech for Integriy Challenge (T4I), with a chance to win a chunk of 5 Million dollars worth of 50 Prizes! Winners will be announced in July!   
    • LBRY Credits (LBC) - LBRY's beta app is on schedule to be released by the end of July! LBRY is another all new take on Content Creation and Consumption or Money!
    • Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX) -  These guys plan to release an updated Roadmap on 7/13 at 10AM EST. Could be nothing, or could be huge! The last time PIVX got pumped it surpassed all expectations, so be ready!
    •  I/O Coin (IOC) - DIONS is in it's final stages and should be released no later than September! This has been in the making for nearly 3 years and brings an all new way of storing data on the blockchain. With a marketcap (Rank 97) of only $25M this has potential for huge growth!  
    • ICONOMI (ICN) - Is Projected to release the ICONOMI.OFM Platform by the End of August 2017!   This platform is a simple management tool where traders with knowledge and experience create their own investment funds. Investors, on the other hand, are able to invest even the smallest amounts, offering a clear overview of available investment fund managers and their current & past performance. The ICONOMI Open Fund Management (OFM) platform will disrupt the asset management industry.
    • Waves (Waves)- Waves USD gateway, built inside the client is live and ready for use allowing for anyone to invest in new ICO and other tokens with fiat! Read about it at: https://steemit.com/steemit/@promoplugs/waves-in-client-us-dollar-gateway-is-live
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