The Canadian Economy Is About To Crash And Burn!

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It’s not looking good for the Canadian economy!

One third of Canadian business directors expect the Canadian economy to get much worse in 2018. Political squabbles, rising interest rates and uncertainty surrounding NAFTA talks are dampening Canada’s business outlook. We are heading towards a crisis that will make the crash of 2008 look like a walk in the park.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media about the coming crash of the Canadian economy, what Canadians should expect and more importantly how Canadians can prepare for the inevitable.

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Insightful video, it's crazy how little most people think about money and where its value comes from

I think global economy is about to crash.
This global economic system has to crash, so that a new economic system can emerge.

I agree I think global economic crisis is imminent on a macro scale

The way I see it (not a financial expert in any sense), there has been concern about the global economy collapsing since 2000.

The thing is; there always seems to be a new trick for the bankers to play to extend the game for a short while longer.

The war of terror, too big to fail, 0% interest, negative interest, etc...

Canada USED TO (when I was young) have very stringent banking regulations that kept the Canadian economy as a paragon of stable growth, keeping in the black, and other core principles.

I don't see that to be the case any longer; and that upsets me deeply.

Buy gold, silver, guns, ammo, liquor (for barter), crypto... anything to keep your money safe from banks and in something useful should the worst happen.

Excellent information!! I am glad you are both on Steemit.

This may be the reason (or one of the) of the next crypto bullrun.

yikes this is absolutely terrifying, all the red flags are there for a Global economic struggle. I don't see it all coming to a resolution without there being blood in the streets. Both figuratively and Literally. its going to be an interesting time in the next 5 to 10 years

Im sorry for Canadian, but here in Italy the situation is even worst

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on the other hand oil prices are up so that tar sand should be profitable.

Russia and Saudi say they want to increase production so price is on a down trend. Now there is one opinion that Saudi would want higher prices for the Aramco IPO, but the lastest news I find is that is delayed to 2019.

it's hard to say what the future holds but current prices are high enough that tar sand should be profitable right now.

I liked your video much like this video I've been looking for a long time, I was not scared because I did not see it, but now the girl who saw me in your post is helping me in various tasks.
Thanks for the post

great video

I like your post. Nice vork!

@pressfortruth i think the whole global economy system is crashing the whole world is going down

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I like this video :) ... and It is sometimes strange to see how people do not want to understand it.

Its always interesting how delicate economics are in both government and business. A 3 to 5 percent drop in revenue and there is no oxygen in the room.

There can only be so much free stuff!

Oh communist CANADA 🇨🇦 how you get bent over , and FUCKED by your QUEEN . LOL 😆 Get rid of your ROYALS and you might live a little better lives . Royalty is communism .

I read today they may privatize the new pipeline. What a disaster.