"ThemTube" Is Purging Independent Media Channels But We Have A Solution!

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As James Corbertt of corbettreport.com stated when he coined the term "ThemTube", it's time for everyone to migrate to alternative platforms now more than ever!

Recently YouTube began a massive purge of channels that often question the official narrative of world shaping events. Computer algorithms have been trained to spot the "trouble makers" with a red flag system that is triggered by certain key words and alternative media channels are now dropping off like flies.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over some of the channels that have been effected, the fact that PFT is now in the cross hairs and more importantly what you can do about it!

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Great stuff advertising steemit to 150k followers on YouTube! Upvote 💯

Why was this video posted to YouTube, rather than DTube?

I post to both simultaneously but unfortunately this time the dtube upload failed and I had to start over again but it's almost done now and will be posted asap! But from here on in it's going to DTube FIRST because I gotsta represent!! :D

They just terminated me RTR TRUTH MEDIA for exposing the PROMISE Federal grant program abuse by Broward County Sheriff that quite possibly lead to this Cruz coming up on their radar. The rest is also of course as whacked. Just came to Steemit. Tried to upload to DTube but it failed like 5 x in a row. If you can give me a shout out - I was a sub, many of my subs were also your subs. I am a radio talk show host on the same network Corbett was on for a while (RBN) the Resurrect the Republic Radio Show. Tom Lacovara-Stewart. I’ll be sharing your content.

He usually posts on both youtube and dtude. The dtube version will be up soon.


I was wondering the same thing. I go to DTube first but the latest videos are never there.

Yeah... Post it to Dtube, leave ThemTube alone.

That was my thought as well. Can one only access dtube through steemit? It would be a big draw to steemit if that were the case. But if so, would steemit have the power to shape content and do what youtube/facebook is doing?

You can access DTube directly: https://d.tube/. You will see all of your subscribed channels. No notifications though which sucks.

Thank you for the reply and upvote!

Dan , your content is always excellent. Whenever I see your post, I know that there must me excellent quality content in it. So I upvote your post before reading the post or watching the video :) have a nice day

really enjoy your videos, and I'm so glad you're are here on DTube, thank you for all the work you do for truth!

DTube for the win!!!
This move of people should finally get Dtube more recognition.

  ·  last year (edited)

Let us not forget FAKEBOOK.

When challenging a GMO mosquito lobbyist and Gates apologist on Fakebook I posted this link...

to prove that you don't need to GMO mosquitoes to fight malaria, that there are completely save and 'SANE' test proven methods already working.

Of course, Fakebook flagged the post and gave me a 'spamming' mark against my Fakebook account.

Just say'n.

Although this platform is currently over my head, I will join anywhere we can speak openly and freely. Thanks for your info.

I have been here a month felt the same way, you’ll catch on!

What ALL of you still at COMMUNIST YOUTUBE should do is not post there AT ALL and just have videos with a small teaser introduction , and then say “If you want to see more please go to STEEMIT , MINDS , BitChute or whatever other platform that is still FREE”. So yes don’t kill your accounts over there , but just use them as a VASSALS as they have used us . Keep fighting my brother ❗️THATS THE SPIRIT👏👍✌️♥️👊🏻