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RE: BOOM! Speaking Truth To Power - Justin Trudeau Confronted At Town Hall!

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Gotta love a good old fashion town hall roast!


Hamilton is rife with corruption and the police state.... next to my city of course as you know Dan.


Good on both of you for all this, as a targeted activist, I respect all this stuff!!

I'm new at this Steemit thing. Glad i found you Dan.

me too lol it s huge opportunity steemit for us all .

You never read about Justin being comforted at a town hall.

I didn't get you. btw good job. Best of luck
Old is gold @pressfortruth

My 2nd reply here WRT this which will mean the most to Canadians...

Because it's 2018

Can't believe you stand for this Dan. I lost a lot of respect for you on this one! No reason for the zionists to pull a false flag in Canada. You doing there job for them. And you whoop it up with these dumbed down Canadians! Speak some truth on this matter?

Necessary roasting I'd say. At least she got to speak her mind(if that would make her sleep better at night), but in reality the PM is still gonna keep doing what he deems best. He's the leader, and much as some of his actions will be questioned it's not an easy job he has, and if you ask me I'd say he seems like a pretty decent guy.

justin trudeau best canadian prime minister ever

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