BOOM! Speaking Truth To Power - Justin Trudeau Confronted At Town Hall!

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In your face Justin Trudeau!

While speaking at a town hall meeting in Hamilton at McMaster University Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was just confronted by our good friend Leigh Stewy (@leighstewy) on the topics of funding the Clintons, paying 10 million dollars to Omar Khadr, buddying up with the now infamous Joshua Boyle, meeting with Aga Khan and the ethics commission violations, eugenics and more!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Leigh Stewy about 30 minutes after she confronted the Prime Minister of Canada to get her views while it was fresh in her mind as to how she felt things went at today's town hall meeting!

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People often say that Canadians are really too nice to the point it becomes a joke
and the fact of the matter is that couldn't be farther from the truth. Canadians are outspoken and politically active as well as not afraid of a challenge. The fact that we happened to possess nice qualities as a people is just something Canadiens do naturally. Cheers to the Canadian Prime Minister, fantastic post.

This guy is handsome, it he a model or something?

Eugenics? Funding clintons? Is this some sort of conservative conspiracy theory shit

It's not so much a theory if it's already been proven to be true-

you're linking an infowars movie? so yes conservative conspiracy theory shit

Hamilton is rife with corruption and the police state.... next to my city of course as you know Dan.


Good on both of you for all this, as a targeted activist, I respect all this stuff!!

I'm new at this Steemit thing. Glad i found you Dan.

me too lol it s huge opportunity steemit for us all .

You never read about Justin being comforted at a town hall.

I didn't get you. btw good job. Best of luck
Old is gold @pressfortruth

My 2nd reply here WRT this which will mean the most to Canadians...

Because it's 2018

Can't believe you stand for this Dan. I lost a lot of respect for you on this one! No reason for the zionists to pull a false flag in Canada. You doing there job for them. And you whoop it up with these dumbed down Canadians! Speak some truth on this matter?

Necessary roasting I'd say. At least she got to speak her mind(if that would make her sleep better at night), but in reality the PM is still gonna keep doing what he deems best. He's the leader, and much as some of his actions will be questioned it's not an easy job he has, and if you ask me I'd say he seems like a pretty decent guy.

justin trudeau best canadian prime minister ever

Great post.

Trudeau is the modern face of neo-liberals just like his twin Macron in France. Their strategy is to rabidly defend multiculturalism and "intersectionality" while pushing corporatism, censorship, crony capitalism and the police state. Their hope is that enough people are so blinded by slavish loyalty to identity politics that they ignore their positions on civil liberties, civil rights, economics and a free society. Unfortunately for everyone, their strategy may work. Let's hope it doesn't.

Thank you. I just learned a new term. Intersectionality.

I'm Canadian. I know about the Khadr case. Former PM Harper violated his rights. When you brake the law, you have to pay for the consequences, if you live in a country where the law matters... Lots of people don't like that. I do. Trudeau's gov was sued, this was not a hand out.

Khadr was a child soldier fighting in a war. If he threw a grenade in a shopping mall then yes he would be a terrorist. However he possibly threw a grenade on a active battlefield which would make him a solider not a terrorist.

He was not afforded the rights that he should of had as a prisoner of war and he deserved to be compensated by the government.


i think that this man is the prfect one for this position in canada and i think he is doing a pretty good job

it is really a joke!

i said i think i'm not sure cause i'm living far away from Canada but i think

Fantastic post well done

Striking how media works these days. In my country and the foreign media, it seems like Trudeau is extremely popular and it seems as if no Canadian could speak bad about him. Some things that always come back: young, photogenic, eloquent and - not unimportant in Canada - perfectly bilingual. The child money has been raised, he has worked on a better relationship with the indigenous population, he draws the green card and he started large infrastructure works . Media see Trudeau as a pure hero who defends certain values ​​and norms. See how he fought for CETA, or how he personally welcomes refugees in his country. I am glad that I have found this post (yes, with Steemit you sometimes have to lucky) and also see another side of the story. I have zero confidence in the mainstream media, and finding nuanced opinions requires a lot of time. Thanks for that @pressfortruth! I also started a series with some 'hidden' stories from 2017 because I think it's so important that people get a correct picture of how this world works. It can only help to counteract further polarization.

this is the great man i really like this man.

To which man do you refer?

i also like this performance and behavior.

Truth is so important...people are so busy and distracted these days, that they fall victim to the fancy soundbites and polished photo-ops. Thanks for the post!!!

Amazing post great to see your content.

Trudeau's paen on Twitter to the murderer and tyrant Fidel Castro exposed Trudeau for what he is--an authoritarian. If, like Trudeau, you've been to cheerleader camp, it doesn't mean you're still not an authoritarian.

A bold man, I wish all men were like him

Kudos to @leighstewy. Justin Trudeau is a despicable individual and the Aga Kahn family are suspected of activities related to the heroin trafficking in Afghanistan.

Smart man always do work in smart way. Justice for truth @pressfortruth

I don't know much about Justin Trudeau but, what I do know is that he's a politician & they are just one layer of scum above their dogs (law enforcement & military). Much respect to all who disobey & ignore the state as well as stand up to them by calling them out on their wickedness. Leigh Stewy, great job!

And she didn't say "sorry"? Is she even a Canadian? Give Justin a break, he is just a kid!

As long as he gets pot legalized, he's a saint in my book!

he is a very young president, good job @pressfortruth

disgusting that they gave $50m right is wrong wrong is right ehhh when you wynn you lose ehhh

Great space. Thanks a lot for sharing the news. I like Justin Trudeau as smart man.

Bagus sekali

Trudeau is just like his old man was, trying to destroy Canada as we know it. He cares nothing for the Canadian people, just wants to live high off of the backs of working Canadians.

wow, that's quite shocking. How often does this happen over there?

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Savvy man dependably do work in keen way. Equity for truth.
now following you!

Cutest Prime Minister Of Canada 😊

Good can't stand the guy. He make me sick!

My 2nd reply here WRT this which will mean the most to Canadians...

Because it's 2018

Because it's [enter current year here]

BPS would be proud of you.

"He's just not ready."

Terobosan yang luar biasa...

Wow...Interesting. Lots of people in USA are oblivious about this....

Thanks for sharing dear keep it I upvote you and follow you

justin my hero my leader my ideal!

Great work getting in the face of that coward! And his crony bodyguards were there ready to force her out if she gained any traction within the obviously bought and pain crowd.

Trudeau is a turd. Lies to his people on the reg, and plays ball with the Clintons. Axe him.

that was one brave woman.

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laugh over loud

Interesting, thanks for sharing :)

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