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A new roadside test to collect your dna has been approved and is named the “Drager DrugTest 5000”.

This new saliva screening equipment will be used by police to test for the main psychoactive agent in cannabis for anyone who they suspect may be driving while high on THC.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Chad Jackett of Liberty Farms about the latest machinery OK’d by the Canadian government for roadside testing to determine if a driver has THC in their system or not.

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This is why I have been for decriminalization of cannabis and not legalization. Legalization is just an excuse for more laws and taxes. THC stays in your system for months, it’s not like alcohol. Our mayor, Fulop, here in Jersey City, NJ has decriminalized cannabis against the wishes of the state. You should interview him if you are ever in the New York metro area.

I've always hated the term "legalize." People should be pushing for decriminalization instead. As you already know, "legalizing" something is a trap. It is just like they do with alcohol today, and then the substance is controlled for tax and revenue purposes. Big corporations will lobby for control of the market too. It is a lot easier to produce your own pot though than it is to make your own alcohol, so time will tell how exactly they will make this work in the favor of the state!

Legalization was an inside job!
Chad was calmer and more reality based than I've seen him for a while.
The religious stuff doesn't add anything to the argument IMO.

Upvoted. Good job with the video and the DNA issue. I have posted the point paper we did in late 2016 on this device prior to the General Election in Arkansas. It's posted with links at
Cannabis Prohibition Equals.png


Huge breaking news after seeing this! Wow! I'm shocked!