DTube - LEGALIZING CBD Will Usher In BIG BROTHER - What You NEED To Know!

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A new roadside test to collect your dna has been approved and is named the “Drager DrugTest 5000”.

This new saliva screening equipment will be used by police to test for the main psychoactive agent in cannabis for anyone who they suspect may be driving while high on THC.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Chad Jackett of Liberty Farms about the latest machinery OK’d by the Canadian government for roadside testing to determine if a driver has THC in their system or not.

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Upvoted. Good job with the video and the DNA issue. I have posted the point paper we did in late 2016 on this device prior to the General Election in Arkansas. It's posted with links at https://steemit.com/marijuana/@cannabis-news/our-concerns-about-test-results-for-the-draeger-drugtest-5000-device

Considering 100% of your actions are on record and the pharma corporations and FDA basically Hate you. Legalizing CBD is also not necessary; it's legal in all 50 states. Just not for interstate shipping. CBD is a great molecule with many purposes, and barring any substance has Never worked out well.

You're talking to Big Brother every time you type, bruh.

This "legalization" in Canada is a straight joke. More people than ever before will be going to prison for no reason, costing them everything and maybe even their lives. Trudeau and his handlers never thought they would have to actually legalize weed. It was just a way for him to get into power and then team up with Killary once she became president. Unfortunately for Justin, she is going to prison instead. Now him and his criminal buddies don't really know what to do. They had not planned on actually running a country. Our country is run by idiots. We can only hope that Trudeau does something super stupid that triggers the US to invade us...lol

Hey Dan! Thank you so much for this video. From the age of 10, I have been a part of the "system". I was pulled from mainstream public education for an overwhelming personality and forced on a short-bus to a special class. I was put on a drug we all have learned to hate and it was called Ritalin. Not only was I given Ritalin but I was also given Catapres which helped control my blood-pressure while on Ritalin. I was a mess from 4th grade til 9th when I threw the meds out the window into the rain.

A few months later I found Cannabis and found that not only was I able to keep focused on the teacher and lessons, but I saw that my grades were improving.

At age 22 I broke fractured between my C-5 & C-6 in my neck twice within a year, which has cause me much pain throughout time. I have crippling cyatica at times, a nerve is constantly being pinched which lead to my arm tingling from neck to fingers. I refuse to live a life or not so life on Opiods.

Which brings me to what Kyle had to say, I personally am a heavy MMJ smoker. I wake up completely sober every morning. THC depending on body weight can stay in the fatty tissues up to around 30 days. Skinny people like myself have it easy, for I clean out within a week and a half or two. Testing someone who smokes marijuana on a regular or semi-regular basis will have it in the system. It makes no sense to be using this device.

Great video thumbs up for that, but I thought the video was gonna be on Dtube. :(

I didn't know Canada was getting rid of their Medical Cannabis market. WTF? That is something i'm going to report on. Thanks Dan! (nice to see you are still keeping the weight off, been following you for yrs)