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RE: Right Sector and Svoboda in Ukraine Hold Massive Torchlight March in Honor of WW2 Nazi Collaborator Stephan Bandera

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same here in Baltics, they call them freedom-independence fighters and deny that they collaborated with nazi's,they hid in the woods too,around 20,000 of jews killed in Vilnius,it is denied that any jews were killed at all by our own but documents show that majority of nazi's were local volunteers, even the citizens didn't protest when they saw what they did to the jews, in history books they write that it was the Germans,they march every year now when celebrating Baltic country independence,I believe it was Latvia that had it's nazi front with majority being Latvian,not German. Also it is illegal here to carry nazi and soviet paraphernalia but no one cares for the nazi one, we invite Ukrainian nationalists with SS signs,we let our own citizens march with nazi paraphernalia during independence day. Soviet citizens have gone to jail just for praising soviet union, no one went to jail for collaborating with nazi's,all who survived lived here to ripe old age too, a lot had a great life in America after the war.


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