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Weird Shit Going on Here 'AGAIN'

in news •  6 months ago 

Oh nooo, I think I saw that happen once, but thought I must have imagined it. WTF? I'll be sad to see you go. Have you tried other front ends like SteemPeak, does it still happen there?

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Have not tried other apps tied to steem. I know that 'some' reward much better at a point, but all rewards are tied to the same pool; the one vulnerable to the linear reward system and large stake holders self-voting which 'often' hurts us at payout (Not really noticed if price of steem has risen during the seven day period sufficiently enough)

I'm still not exactly sure what I'm going to do here in the future. A lot depends on factors I may not have yet considered, or some that may change.

Thanks for your input.