Weird Stuff Going on Here 'AGAIN'

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Have any of you noticed, or have had the 'same' shit happening to you posting and curating here lately??? It's happened to me before, then either stops, or I don't take notice of it. In either case...IT SUCKS...

  • You up-vote someones post, and their payout total gets 'reduced' !?!?!?!?
  • Within a day or so of 'YOUR' payout date (7 days) your total reward figures get 'REDUCED"!?!?!?

This has been happening to me regardless of whether steem/sbd is up or down in the marketplace...

Right before I posted this 'rant', I upvoted a @phoenixwren post which was currently at $2.71 and their payout value changed immediately to $2.57

When I up-voted @ninjamike 's post holding a $.61 cent was reduced to .60 cents 'immediately'...

Isn't it bad enough that our dust votes get stolen away from the people we support any way??? Now we're being even more destructive to those we support by simply voting for them??? SHAME on YOU Steemit...for allowing this to take place...

Don't bother replying with comments seeking to 'explain' the reason because of RC value or other bullshit polymath crap used here to screw the average user...


I"M POWERING DOWN; don't know if I'm 'out of here' for now or what? I might just give it away to a few people here directly to their wallets instead of the other ways where you get robbed of a large percentage of your 'pennies' earned...

See @kevinwongs latest post here regarding the frustrations we 'all' feel here on this self-distructing platform

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You could use the power down money to start playing Steem Monsters. I do think it is an ecosystem you can trust as both of the cofounders are top 10 witnesses. I say that because of the recent events where many people feel like they were scammed by the game Drug Wars.

Around a month ago, I decided that I was going to quit posting other than occasional Steem Monsters posts. I also decided that I would continue to play Steem Monsters everyday rather than video games. I haven't even turned on my Playstation since I began playing. Finally I decided that I would read, upvote and comment at occasional times.

I would miss your cat posts the most if you quit. Overall my favorite and most memorable post of yours was about you making some dough at 16 years old:


You could use the power down money to start playing Steem Monsters.

Thanks Mike; yes that is an option worth considering, the only problem is, that I kind of lost my interest in gaming 'wayback' in the Mario Brothers, Donkey Pong, Mr. Do, Robo-Tron?, and Ms Packman days LOL.

I did get a short resurgence of interest around the 'Street Fighter' days (I think that's what it was called) Those were the days of the Arcades with the stand-up machines that had durable control knobs and buttons to slap at... (and not break)

I've noticed you doing much better in the reward department mostly with Steem Monsters, and I'm happy for you; better than Drug Wars which is getting a lot of bad publicity right now.

I do think it is an ecosystem you can trust as both of the cofounders are top 10 witnesses.

They also are both partly responsible for the 'hardfork' (HF16?) which introduced linear rewards which made bots (which they own) vote selling, self-voting etc. most profitable to themselves. At least 'one' of them typically 'stole' money (un-apologetically) even from newbies with his bot, if they did not understand the maximum buy. If an unsuspecting user paid 5 Steem, 'for instance' but the maximum buy-in was set at say 0.500, the guy would 'keep' the remaining funds as a "DONATION"

Not very scrupulous in my mind. I don't know if he ever changed his thieving ways, or continuing along with 'new' methods?

If SmartSteem and some other bots 'easily' return monies to users who 'over send' funds instead of 'stealing' them, any 'honest' bot can.

He's not the only 'Witness' doing such things either...sadly; another 'top' witness is known to do the same through his 'auction' bot, justifying the 'prepaid' bid theft by lamenting that "it's an auction". Any auction I've ever attended never 'stole' peoples bids...???

This is all verifiable with research Mike. I never bookmarked the posts to link for you unfortunately, but it happened to me as well when I first decided to 'experiment' with the bots in my early days here. One of those guys 'STOLE' 4.5 Steem or SBD from me (don't remember how I paid)


Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Yup. The same has been happening with me too. A post I made recently about DrugWars had a potential payout of somewhere around $7.36 as far as I can remember.

But now, after 7 days, the value shows an exact figure of $7.001. Where did the $0.359 go? Vanished in thin air?

It's really sad that you're powering down. I honestly wouldn't want you to leave the platform. Your contests were my first big push on Steemit and to see you thinking of leaving is truly sad.

I'd suggest you to stay, but I don't think I'll be able to convince you if you've made your mind. To whoever you wish to give your Steem, I hope they're worthy enough.

Lastly, if you really are leaving (which I still don't want you to), please make a last goodbye post. I'd love that.


Hi Ayushjalan, thanks for your response. I haven't made up my mind yet as to what I'm going to do, but I 'am' changing my activity. I might stay awhile longer, bearing the burden of this broken platform to see if those in control of its direction make the necessary improvements to make it more desirable.

Have a good day.

Oh nooo, I think I saw that happen once, but thought I must have imagined it. WTF? I'll be sad to see you go. Have you tried other front ends like SteemPeak, does it still happen there?


Have not tried other apps tied to steem. I know that 'some' reward much better at a point, but all rewards are tied to the same pool; the one vulnerable to the linear reward system and large stake holders self-voting which 'often' hurts us at payout (Not really noticed if price of steem has risen during the seven day period sufficiently enough)

I'm still not exactly sure what I'm going to do here in the future. A lot depends on factors I may not have yet considered, or some that may change.

Thanks for your input.

That just depends on Steem's price fluctuation and total votes in the network. Steem's accounting system is fine in that regard. My complain is only about the way rewards are misaligned.