INDIAN Workers going to Gulf Country DECREASED

in #news3 years ago

According to REPORT, Number of INDIAN worker which Going to Gulf Country is DECREASED.

According to Report,Number Worker of is HALF in Last 3 Years.

In 2015 - 7.5 Lakh.

In 2016 - 5 Lakh.

In 2017 - 3.7 Lakh, Worker Going to Gulf Country.

  • United Arab Emirates is most FAVORITE place in 2017, And in this year Approx 1.5 Lakh People was Goes to UAE.

  • 78,000 People Was Permitted to Go Saudi Arab
    Approx 74% people Reduce in comparison of year 2015.

  • Bahrain is the place where few person are are goes, And this will be Reduce Now.

in 2015 - 15,000

in 2017 - 11,000. People was go to Bahrain.

  • i am new here and i have no much Knowledge of English, So please Avoid it, Keep SUPPORT, THANKS

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