Breaking News: - FBI spies exonerate Julian Assange & Wikileaks

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This gem escaped notice today.

Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo says a second FBI spy approached him in the first week of May 2016 tempting him with access to the emails Wikileaks did not release till October.

Here is the key thing.

These are the emails the FBI, DOJ, and the deep state have been saying were hacked by Russia and funneled through Wikileaks to release.  They have accused Russia & Wikileaks of working with the Trump campaign.

But it was not a Russian that was offering the emails to Michael Caputo in May 2016 ( 5 months before Wikileaks published them). It was a government contractor (FBI spy) who had a contact in the Federal government that had the emails. The Federal Government contact specifically referenced the Swedish Waiver given to Swedish companies dealing with Iran around the time they donated $26 million to the Clinton Foundation. This waiver was not revealed to the public till Wikileaks published the emails.  Listen to minute 6:15 of the interview.

This proves that the emails Wikileaks published did not come from the Russians - but instead from a source within the USA government.

Trump should pardon Julian Assange immediately so he is free to testify that he did not get the emails from the Russians.

The Deep State has a lot to answer for.

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Yes, deep state is stopping us but we are the sleeping giant. I love Wikileaks. I love that I am Julian Assange. You are Julian Assange. Free Tommy Robinson. #FreeTommy.


I cannot believe the "silencing"

I had pray for Mr. Assange, to me he is a true patriot.


It makes me very sad the Australian government has not done more to make sure he is treated fairly.

La verdad siempre saldrá a flote