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Here's a highlight to some of the music on our feed for today! It's always a surprise!!

Ason Intrigue (as L12:40) - WAR

Experiment with @Asonintrigue as he takes you on an sonic experimental journey!

Second Womb ~ Questions 👁 Visual 👁 ∆ DLive Premier

The talented @wolfnworbeikood puts together a cool visual for you to vibe out to on DLive!

Tool - Ænema (Cover By Ed Privat)

It's always to hear @edprivat on the guitar and his wonderful voice. Here he cover's a song request from one of his fans

Matteo Carcassi (1792 - 1853) - Allegretto (Dsound)

Listen to a wonderful Allegretto in Guitar by Matteo Carcassi (@guifaquetti)

♡ DLive Music | Ave Maria ♡

@melissakellie is so talented and her voice shines on this Ave Maria cover!

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Thanks for the luuuuv!
I just wanted to add that the song requested, Aenema by TOol was requested not by a "fan" but by the great @falseyedols and that's more me being a fan of him in the first place!

Awesome list all these people are extremly talented, great curation

Wow that really means a lot @edprivat! I have also become quite a fan of yours, too, so it's not inaccurate :) I'm thinking we gotta play your jam on our show over at @msp-waves too!

So dope ! Let me know when the show is aired !

It airs 3-5am UTC Saturday's. Next week I will play your cover :)

Ayyyyyyyeeeeee thanks for the <3

Salute!! So much quality work....

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Thank you for the mention :D

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