Modern Day Holocaust

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In history classes around the world we learned about the atrocities committed against the large Jewish minority in Germany. One reason why the German public was not stepping in when such atrocities were committed was ignorance. Propaganda and censorship limited the information access about the atrocities committed. For example newspaper labeling these facts as lies coming from Jews, or a propaganda video that shows Jews play soccer and games in Jewish camps.

With the modern technology of the internet one would think that information would be much harder containable. Yet modern day genocides continue, with one country in particular resembling very much the holocaust from Germany. The reader may think that this is largely exaggerated, so to convince the reader let us find a criteria to define the holocaust.

-large prison camps for minorities that committed no crime other than having their religion
-slave labor and torture
-mass killing of prisoners of that minority

Before I proof to the reader these three points the reader probably questions “if this was true why has no one done anything about it” or the reader may think that I talk about Uygurs in China that have been persecuted for longer than Falun Gong yet the main stream news sites only now starts reporting about Uygurs (not yet Falun Gong). The reader might also be asking “what is Falun Gong?”.

In the 90s Falun Gong was a popular religion in China that was trending, and even state run media recommended people to practice it. As the person that started the trend is still alive and grew a large number (some where between 2 million and 100 million depending who you ask) of followers, the Chinese government grew paranoid about an overthrow of the government (which happened a few times in the history of China). Falun gong is like Buddhism and Tai Chi made a baby and that's Falun Gong. The peaceful religion with slow motion exercises was a threat to leader Jiang Zemin (also known for the Tianmen Square massacre where students protested in 1989 peacefully for democracy and freedom of press/speech and got shot down by tanks and military). By faking incidences of self burning of Falun Gong the Chinese media lowered the public opinion of Falun Gong to be a dangerous sect and Falun Gong became illegalized. (How much cult characteristics they have or not I will discuss in a later article but it is somewhere on a scale from Buddhism to Catholic Church, please excuse my brutal honesty). Having learned from the Cultural Revolution , and the Government having control over the information influx, the willingness or reason or ability to question these actions from the Communist party was not there among the people living in China.

No matter if cult or not I believe Holocausts are uncalled for, yet Falun Gong being a worse internationally understood religion than Islam (that should be 90% understood by Christians as the Quran does not talk that often about Mohammad and the rest of the story is almost the same just rearranged), many accepted the explanation of the government that it was a cult and that Falun Gong don’t go to concentration camps but reeducation camps. As getting a work visa in China is becoming increasingly hard, foreign journalists are not willing to risk their built existence in China for an article that can be traced back to them. Countries face economic penalties from China for individuals or governments speaking up against China. The Chinese embassy in Berlin threatened in a letter the German government for consequences for not sending 200 Uyghur refugees back to China. Economic penalties can include stopping group tourism from China to that country, or making it harder for companies from that country in the Chinese arbitrary sentencing legal system. One recent consequence that made news was the execution sentence of a Canadian drug smuggler in China who appealed years ago for a shorter than the previous 15 year prison sentence, but after the Huawei arrest for by passing Iran sanctions, the appeal was quickly noted and changed to death penalty. China brings propaganda abroad with articles on foreign small news papers that occasionally end up being sponsored propaganda from the Chinese Government.

As promised we will now look into the justification for the holocaust comparison, after having looked into the main reasons why this holocaust has been poorly reported on.

Unlike concentration camps the reeducation camps usually have some finite prison sentence, after which people can get released. These people will often try to leave the country in search for protection and hence eye witness reports can travel to here in Europe. In major cities Falun Gong can be seen in most major cities in yellow shirts saying “Falun Dafa is good” protesting for awareness and actions against the persecution of Falun Gong. Sometimes they go through the length of reenacting the torture they have gone through in these camps.

In the USA one family was buying Halloween decoration made in China, and found with it a letter from China, from the person that made it.



The letter is further evidence for the slave labor and torture.

Having proven the first 2 points for the Holocaust comparison, the only point left to proof is the killing of Falun Gong.
After the illegalization of Falun Gong in 1999 the organ Transplantation rate in China sky rocketed. Hospitals had a short waiting period of only 1 week (months or years everywhere else) for all kinds of organs, when there were barely any organ transplantation done before. The 1 week waiting list is not only for Chinese but also for foreigners coming to china to buy organs. In 2007 some of the organ donor bodies were found which were Falun Gong practitioners but were imprisoned for their beliefs. Doctors that fled the country were telling about being forced to remove organs from living people.

The evidence reports for the organ harvest from living Falun Gong prisoners are several pages long, so if you want it in bite sized heavy pieces I would recommend watching the documentary Human Harvest:


If you want the full evidence I shall post some IPFS hash of the 2007, 2016 and 2018 organ harvest report:

full 2018 report:

2016 the Slaughter report:

2007 Bloody Harvest report:

Having shown sufficient evidence please don't go on with your life as if nothing has happened. Do show awareness and spread awareness on this issue by telling others. Maybe watch the Human Harvest documentary with your friends. Email news outlets to report on it (they will not respond from my email alone). With more people becoming aware on this issue, Falun Gong refugees coming to Europe will be less rejected and Organ Tourism to China will become illegalized. Please do not do nothing as this just allows china to continue. Immortalize the reports by copying them on your IPFS node and help spreading them from your account.

the command for adding a file with a hash to your IPFS node is "ipfs get hash-value"
To set up your IPFS node follow instructions here:

pin files with command ipfs pin add hash-value to keep them permanently on node

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