Brad Sherman: the man who represents Deep State's move against Trump (and assorted potenially pizzagate-shaped rabbit hole goodies)

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Those who have been paying attention knew this day would come: in order to distract from political corruption, a big move would happen to shift attention to something more controllable ... say, such as mainstream media's planned blitzkrieg impeachment proceedings against the president who just so happens is attempting to disassemble the human trafficking problem plaguing America.

So let's delve into Mr. Brad Sherman and what all he's associated with, shall we?

First off, he's a Democrat based in Southern California. In fact, he's "liberal," but staunchly establishment. He will do as told by the party.

His communications guy is a former Media Matters for America producer.
Brad Sherman.png

He's in Wikileaks-- many of which are in the Global Intelligence Files and Secret Congressional Reports.

Brad Sherman2.png

Oooh, what else? Oh yeah! He was one of Hillary Clinton's flying monkey superdelegates (you know, those folks who agreed in 2014 to nominate Clinton over any other candidate, thereby thwarting the democratic process) and "stands by" Nancy Fucking Pelosi and Maxine "Please stop, you're not helping by distracting everyone" Waters.

Brad Sherman6.png

Brad Sherman5.png

He also would rather have the president/vice president elected via congress rather than popular vote (you know, that way it stays in the hands of the elites and not America the Whole)... this lil snippet is from a report (specifically how to change elections) you can read here.

Brad Sherman3.png

He also does quite a few talks at high schools, and is part of Close Up;
Brad Sherman9.png

A program where Middle School and High School students go to DC and get up close to the political process.

Brad Sherman7.png

Hey, check out the background of this photo and who he's photographed with... it's Hillary Clinton (and George Bush, and Obama...)!
Brad Sherman1.png

Here's where we go down the rabbit hole.

First off, I think we all can agree that alphabet soup agencies such as the CIA operate fronts; i.e. businesses or services which allow them to gather or pass info, propaganda, intelligence, or make not-obvious handoffs. I'm not saying these businesses are fronts, I am saying that it's possible they are, given the nature of the business and how it could offer support to those participating in human trafficking.

He's also associated with Common Cause (which shares an address/suite with other business)
Brad Sherman10.png
Brad Sherman11.png
Brad Sherman12.png

Brad Sherman13.png
anybody else find it interesting that Common Cause is registered to an Iowa address?

Should be noted that Common Cause's website seems to be targeted toward getting Trump out by any means possible.

Now, when I punched in the address registered to Common Cause, it seemed to represent a firm that had several businesses listed -- and those business names don't make much sense.

Brad Sherman14.png

Also repped is a company named O.P.E.N America, which has many locations across the nation, and goes by unassociated names in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Brad Sherman16.png
This company specializes in cleaning up and maintaining buildings.

Their headquarters is in the same building as the Make A Wish foundation, a couple dining establishments... aaaannnnddd, there's an underground parking structure.

But not just that; O.P.E.N. America is an official government contractor.


Ya know, like Dyncorp and Halliburton, but more state-side Mr Clean.

And think about that for a moment; if there's a huge human trafficking ring, that involves logistics such as transportation, housing and upkeep, and a need for their employees contracted out to keep their mouths shut; thus better to use a single company -- tell new hires that the NDA is standard practice when it comes to entering government buildings or areas considered "sensitive" to clean/renovate torture rooms/stock kleenex and use that signed paper as a Sword of Damocles over the new hire's head. They want a cushy paycheck? You don't say shit.


Mention it? Lawsuit for NDA violation.

O.P.E.N. America also goes by Openworks

Brad Sherman18.png


Also located in the same building is an attorney

and bistro operating from the same suite; the both share the first name of Joseph... what a co-inky-dink, right? In addition to the bistro, is the Coyote Cafe. For those not in the know, a coyote is someone who smuggles people across the border for compensation.


And this building is located in Phoenix, Arizona... that's a couple hour drive to Mexico (unless one is going to cross over in El Paso, but that's another story for another time)...

Here's the twist in the rabbit hole:

At the lawyer-bistro, there's a menu listed. Okay, par for the course... the same suite as a lawyer, not so much.


However, when we explore locations, something very very interesting happens.

lots of joes.png


Lets go with Arkansas for shits and giggles.



In a world where Starbucks litter the landscape, Joseph's Bistro has over twice the density-- at least in Phoenix.



Also worth noting are the businesses registered to the lawyer's office. Lots of pediatric, medical, animal-related...

list of joe's places.png

list of joe's places2.png
*What stands out to me is the D.C. Ranch Animal Hospital. Is there a D.C. Ranch, or is it for equine and bovine animals within the vicinity of D.C.? Also think of how easy it'd be to move people in livestock trailers. Just throwing that out there. *

Swinging back to Openworks/O.P.E.N. America, I think it's worth noting that the listed person changed his name, going with the tail-end of his surname to, I dunno, blend in more? Make it easier for people to pronounce? Give himself a new identity?
Brad Sherman17.png


And they aren't real adept at their job... according to some.

So, in wrapping this tangent up, does Brad Sherman really want to impeach Trump when there's a plethora of information about him, those he is connected to on a personal level and those on a more abstract level are just waiting to be found out?

There's a part of me thinking that the net neutrality issue plays neatly into this aspect; the control of information. Hard to research those fucking with Democracy if the flow of accessible knowledge is throttled.

To those who've made it this far and live in a state where "Joseph's Bistro" operates-- pull up your town and check out the listed locations. Maybe we can all go Scooby Doobie Doo on this shit and make a real difference.

Or, if they are actual bistros and functioning restaurants, then let me know how they are. Gotta admit, this thread has me intrigued.


Guy who filed the treason charges against Trump is establishment Dem who wants to subvert democratic process to be for elites (i.e. Congress) for presidential elections. He also participates in a program that brings kids (middle school and high school aged) to DC to study "politics." He's also associated with Common Cause, a lib thinktank trying out oust Trump. Common Cause is registered to an address in Iowa, which also has a government contractor (Openworks) registered. Openwork's headquarters is located in a building with an eatery sharing a location with a lawyer's office, and another eatery with a name associated with human trafficking (a coyote) When googling Openworks, we get a rabbit hole of invisible bistros literally all over (over 23,000 locations in the United States) and their website goes to a chiropractic clinic in Maryland.

Hello, front.

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