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Wow! what an upset! so many teams out. Maybe Russia will go all the way :)


Oh! Today we are almost crazy with happiness :), but if we go even further , it will be incredibly magical madness, heh. Thanks @steven-patrick

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Thank you!!!!

Haha great! Very exciting Scoccer games. Didn't expect this.


I read some football predictions here and I saw that nobody gave a chance to win for our team. A pleasant surprise, heh.

The home crowd advatage eh @madlenfox? I bet Russia is buzzing tonight! 😁

Did you watch the game live?


Oh , no ! I was watching it on TV. This game was held in Moscow. But Russia is full of festive euphoria. Russia went crazy with delight, heh . No one expected our team to perform so well. We were not considered seriously as rivals. The hum of joy and universal jubilation reigns everywhere. There is no limit to our joy. This is the first time in the history of our football. We won over Spain. It's incredible! Even if we can't go even further in this Championship, we are still happy

Super powerful defense of Russia.....
Superb Game.


@clicked, the Spanish team - are great players and we only had to defend most of the time. But our goalkeeper - Igor Akinfeev-is a real hero of this match. We are happy in this victory.


Yay the match was superb..

Yay!!! I've been cheering for Russia!


@melinda010100 , Thank you! It's so nice to know that we were supported by people from different countries. We still can not come to life from such a victory :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!