Tim Pool Says Twitter Causes Radicalization And Violence...And It's Getting Worse!

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↑ In this interview by Luke, Tim Pool advocates for government intervention into big social media platforms like Twitter. Pool makes an interesting explanation of how Twitter facilitates addictive and destructive interactions between people.

Tim and Luke don't think Twitter has done anything to address the issues Tim brought up with Twitter's Jack Dorsey in the video below. ↓

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Hate breeds hate. twitter's not the cause but the echo chamber. Seems they are fine tuning the type's of hate they want for the highest level of effect pumping presupposition on a subject. So that mob rules and in effect they control narrative and sow discord. this happens to be a good control philosophy at this point they are turning it on full with emphasis on how it should be operated and controlled before the next election .

thanks, Luke for doing what you do.