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The controllers who are bringing you checkpoints and contract tracers on the streets and bridges of NYC are now going after your last freedom that hasn't already been destroyed.

In the video above, I explain how politicians and bureaucrats are trying to make people defenseless self hating victims.

After taking away your right to operate your business and your right to gather in church and pray — btw you've gotta watch the Walmart church service I play for you at the beginning of the video...

But after taking away your other rights and freedom, they're coming after what little is remaining of you right to self defense.

Now we've got district attorneys in New York and Washington DC suing the NRA and saying they want to dissolve the NRA.

Which I explain that even though it may be an inadequate organization it's still a symbol of the 2nd Amendment.

That on top of the FBI using fake convictions to deny some people the right to have firearms.

And in NYC you not even being allowed to carry pepper spray.

Plus I cover people in Europe being arrested for using force to stop child traffickers from stealing their children.

As well as the latest crazy covid measures like LA shutting off water and power at party houses and the UK possibly bulldozing "contaminated houses".

We had to...

Well... Orwell's prophecy has been completely right to a scary degree

So you might as well wear a mask showing how messed up all of this is.

And now you can. Get your Make Orwell Fiction again mask now. Also available in red and blue.


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