Why China & Russia Have Publicly Announced They Are Preparing For War

in news •  3 months ago

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on what did China and Russia just announce, we, of course, go into the actions and comments made by Donald Trump and Mike Pence on this issue. But mainly focus on the economic aspects affecting us with the U.S Petrodollar, oil in Yuan, Chinas silk road, energy and food security plus a lot more.


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Great work as always Luke.

You should know that the globalists control ALL of the said 'so-called' countries, USA, Russia, China...

You have Russia's Putin acting as the World Bank's poster child, the Rothschild's essentially run China's so called 'state banks'. Goldman sachs and world bank actors completely run BRICS.

If the globalists were so concerned with China, THEY never would have given them the Panama canal or, recently, the strategic port in Haifa Israel.

No, the globalists will control this so-called 'war' from top to bottom beginning to end. If I was to take bets I would put all my horses on both USA and the EU taking the biggest hits when it's all said and done.

in war,everyone is a loser.

Appreciate the update Luke- And let's not forget it was the Rothschilds/Rockefellers etc. central bankers who originally propped up China and the old Soviet Union in the first place- was this all part of their long term game plan? Great work.

War makes money and when a country is in debt selling weapons makes a lot! But the people are the ones who control it if they don't fight then there is no war, maybe this is the reason for the censorship? 💯🐒