Stop Being a Sheep! Read the Memo and Decide for Yourself

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In this video, Jason Bermas reads the memo in full, so everyone can set aside speculation and media talking points, stop being a sheep, and decide for themselves.

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The number one rule for armchair conspiracy debunking:

  1. Never actually investigate any of the claims. (Thus you can always say that you have never seen any evidence that supports their crackpot claims.)

It seems so simple, just read it for yourself but so many don't take the time & trust others to tell them what's what. And not just this memo, obviosly, but most any issue. Thank you for doing this Jason. Next time you talk to Luke...let him know he looks like my younger brother, thanks bunches!

YOUTUBE: Demonitized for sexual content

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As the twitter tantrums from both sides continue (with a short break for the Superbowl), the carnage and murder continues....

I like it...
Thank you very much...
Success is your....

Most articles about the memo are longer than the memo itself. Of course, the memo comes without translation :)

Great vid!

See, this is what the media needs to do. Each news organization puts a spin on the memo and doesn't let people decide for themselves

Love it when Bermas gets serious on serious matters. I only view your content on this platform now instead of that censorship platform.

Good luck master post

When I read through the memo, considered the implications, then compared it to Watergate, it's a far bigger deal than the media is reporting it to be.

Watergate may have been blown out of proportion but this one is being shoved under the rug.

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