SJW BBC Argues that Smiling Is NOW SEXIST! Amazon Scam Exposed

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In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on how the BBC network is promoting a new social justice warrior feminist argument that smiling is sexist. We get into the hack of Amazon, Apple, and the CIA allegedly by China. We also talk about Brett Kavanaugh being found innocent by the FBI with Amy Schumer getting arrested.

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Smiling Is NOW SEXIST lol. :D

She is just further proving how unhappy she is by complaining about someone telling her to smile more. It sounds like it hit a chord deep down, because deep down she is extremely unhappy and wishes she could smile. But instead of dealing with the issue turns it on the guy for being sexiest.
Please take Luke’s advice and stop using Amazon, vote with your dollar/crypto/mineral!
Luke your an amazing person keep up the good work!

The stupid girl on the train incident is in itself should have been an isolated incident- the problem is the BBC exasperating the problem and all the people who take this nonsense seriously. It's all fuel for a constant barrage of divide and conquer psy op by the powers that shouldn't be. Indeed we must all try to avoid Amazon and all immoral corporations who ultimately don't give a shit about you. Shop local. Buy local whenever possible.

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