Big Social Media Companies Censoring What Now?

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Luke is joined by Ryan Black the founder of Infiniteman to talk about the demonization of men who are trying to improve their lives. It has now gone beyond demonization into big social media companies that are censoring companies that promote these ideals. Why is this happening and what can we do now?

Ryan Black -

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see you in Aca!

The censorship just gets worse and worse! Great to meet you at SteemFest. Don’t forget to sign up for the Crypto Class Action to fight Internet Censorship. See

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I love my manly man!!! Keep up the good work.

Thanks Luke. I think the matter of the problem is, that there is a group of feminist that are demonizing manhood. For the wrong reasons. Manhood is not the same as back in the day. "in Spanish is called Machismo= Male dominance/Superiority over woman". Does not phrase not existent in English. The case of that is has been fading away through time. What pisses me of is that these feminist are demonizing being a Gentleman. They clam that being a Gentleman is discriminatory to woman. Witch is crazy to think that! I cant believe that an organization like Infinite Man is being bullied. When they are doing a great cause. What a world. You dont hear things like this happening in Latin countries. It is non existent.