Will The SEC Crash The Crypto Bitcoin Economy?

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on a new SEC ruling coming down this Monday that will have a big effect on the Crypto Bitcoin-Economy. Especially the ICO community and ETH ethereum with fear of regulation and declaring it a security which could make it impossible for Americans to even own the coin.

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that was sec fake news

Governments are condemned to fail in the battle with the blockchain technology, the SEC is a criminal organization from the land of the free like the FBI, DEA AND IRS! FUCK THE STATE, YOU CAN'T TAKE A BEATING YOU LOSERS? :D

We have seen crashes, big ones, and another one won't stop the relentless adoption of what is right and timely needed. Thanks a lot for the information, as always, very well put and highly educational, at least for me.

Namaste :)

They certainly are gonna try!!

Even if it does, I don't think any crash will last. People are invested at this point, and more people know what bulls and bears are than ever. Doesn't make me optimistic about the future, but I don't think cryptos can be taken down by anything but an attack on the grid.

Here comes another storm to the crypto market. They are becoming desperate about it. Because, they do not have the control over it.

Wow I hadn't even heard of this! I will keep my eyes open. Thanks for the intelligence!

Think about this, every time that the talk about regulating guns, what happens? Prices of guns go up because everyone wants in before it's too late. Same will happen to ethereum. Buy before everyone else.


Blockchain is the future, banks are not. I hope the Federal Reserve disappears once and for all.

It will crash it then it will come right back. We saw this with other countries where they banned it and guess what. Now ICOs and bitcoin are back in those countries because people got totally pissed and revolted towards their governments. It is time for change!

Thanks Luke and team! Keep up the good work. 'First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.' They are not laughing anymore. They are scrambling to put together a fight... using the tools they know have worked in the past. This will fail in the long run. We are awake. 'Once a mind is open, it can never go back to it's former state.'

Good interview! Governments and Central Banks are afraid of Cryptos for sure!....:)...