Central Banks Paying YouTube Stars, Bill Gates Wants Bitcoin Stopped!

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of talks with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media and Ford Fischer of News2Share for episode 8 of the unnamed crypto show!

In this video, Josh breaks down how a Polish central bank has been paying YouTubers to make anti-cryptocurrency fearmongering videos and what this means for the spread of FUD in the market by the media.

Ford Fischer goes into Salon's hypocrisy and how they're mining cryptocurrency on your computer while calling it out at the same time.

Josh goes into the new Bitcoin QR tattoos dancers in Vegas now have for tips.

Finally, Josh, Ford and Luke go into the claim by Bill Gates that cryptocurrency is "offing" people in a fairly direct way and the absurdity of his outdated beliefs in government taxation vs. cryptocurrency.

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My upvote is for Josh to go to Vegas and conduct a thorough investigation of stripper tattoos.

Thank you! I agree! This needs to happen. It must be at least a month of research.

I wrote a fairly detailed rebuttal to Bill Gates on this and related BS to drip from his jowels here

There was an interview, not sure how recent it was.. Probably a year back or so, where Bill Gates praised Bitcoin. "Bitcoin is better than currency"..

Good will win over Bill ! To the moon 🌙 🚀

I like crypto currency and I like cats, Billy Boy is a hypocrite, 😾 I'd scratch him. Meow Brrrrrrrr... I'm just a cat

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

When strippers accept Bitcoin as a payment for a lap dance, you know we are on the right path.

ha ha!

One would think you are making a comedic statement, but in reality, it is very accurate. Now I don't know about Bitcoin, per se. The jury is out on how well the protection of privacy will come from that cryptoGiant. But when considering all the alternatives, it's only a matter of time until Vegas casinos accept a bunch of cryptoCurrencies right at the tables. Transfer some from your wallet right into chips right from your phone, and one couldn't ask for better privacy. One can only assume you lost all the chips gambling................... and no way of knowing otherwise.

every coin anyone can keep out of the hands of Democrats and Republicans' control is a coin Blessed.

+1 to that brother!

Bill Gates said in the 90s the "Internet was a fad" and wasn't going to catch on..Look what hes saying now about crypto.

Btw, lets get Josh in some strip clubs..for research.

@lukewearechange Great interview and show! I put Gates in the same category of Dimon as top Hypocrites of the business world.

crypto will win for sure !!!

Funny, Bill says this while Microsoft is working with IOTA.

Thank God we are in the computer age so for me bill is wrong with that all the same you are a good wrigter please keep it up cos i will follow you up

Wow that is a nice content there really loved the way you write.
Well i must say Bill Gates was wrong about many things so are most of the people.
Things change with time.
Anyways nice content there really loved it. I am following you please take some time and visit my page too.

Bill Gates is a phony. He sides with pharmaceutical companies, yet his own kids were never vaccinated because he knows the truth.



So happy to ear that

That journey will be hard for billgates.. Bitcoin has gained a lot of ground.

We will fight him all the way to the moon 🌙

Great video guys! I wonder how much taxes bill gates pays? This cryptocurrency market is all speculative but it is a very interesting experiment. In a way it is showing what people decide is valuable not some other fictional entity (the government) or ridiculous concept (the economy). It's decentralised and it's almost free market that is still hindered by it's predecessor. Once people realise that this currency gives them true value and when it's accepted and fully liberates itself from the sociopathic old system, we will see change so quick it will seem like magic. It should be our personal responsibility to get our shit together while we wait for that to happen. If you are an influencer in this movement then you should strive to be virtuous for the good of yourself and all. Keep spreading the truth and we will create a wonderful world.

Cryptocurrency will survive all the FUD and win. It is what cryptos has been doing since bitcoin was created

Crazy Pollock lol love ya Luke.

As long as Josh gets enough video of the "QR codes", I don't see anything wrong with that idea. :)

What's the world coming to? I could see it now, girls at the Rhino in Vegas with their tramp stamp QR code on one of their fake tits, or silicone inflated ass cheeks! Stay classy Vegas!

what is this world coming to??? I personally believe we have awesome days ahead. Bill Gates doesn't know what to do or say anymore

Giant business tycoons are playing mind games to distract people from embracing crypto. Fentanyl is an opioid used for anesthesia during surgery. Thank you for sharing Luke at al! ♥

Great vidéo, good job as always!

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Luke & Josh have a very ... interesting chemistry. It's fun to watch y'all tackel these big stories together. The differing perspectives is actually very beneficial for the viewers like me. Keep it up & keep it fun! Luke looks like my brother y'all...let him know it.

Send everyone to 'investigate' crypto strippers.

Cześć Luke

Keep blasting that light into the eyes of the darkness.
You and We Are Change, are the cutting edge in the fight against fascist governments and their Kazairian Mafia puppet masters.
In Light and Love.
Giant Hugs<3<3<3

It does not take much to make the bitcoin "crypto-euro" respectable and everyone would benefit: the banks, instead of suffering, will develop new services related to crypto-euro. They ensure payment on payment validation transactions between users. The "crypto-euro" bitcoins will fill the bank's product portfolio. If it tries to distinguish itself in front of the tsunami of mobile payment solutions, which involve a lot of intermediaries, which sweeps, this is an ideal way: it is a matter between the bank and the user ... without bank account .

Who says better ? In addition, managing a blockchain is much cheaper than participating in clearing houses (hence the bad mood of JP Morgan). Governments in countries that rely on cash can reduce their dependence without having to bankarize the population first.

Finally, a nontuberous bitcoin will allow investment to drop, a boon for banks in search of a second wind.

It's possible they tried to keep electricity out of the hands of common man for centuries. There's evidence that it's been tinkered with throughout the ages, but severely suppressed and passed off as black magic (taboo).

Once superstitions wore off, society pushed on and now we live in a powered technological society. Crypto is simply the next level, however they didn't anticipate we'd get it this soon. We probably weren't supposed to. Bitcoin looks more and more like a leak, or a wrench in the gear for their control system the more I research it. They didn't want it out.

Now that we have it, Crypto tech will be as essential to us as electricity. We use power in our homes, work places and the media needs it to broadcast en mass. Crypto opens up a whole lotta doors, some that worries "Them" a lot.

Get ready for a whole new world, this isn't going away.

Ahh yes our friendly philanthropist Bill Gates because he is on our side right!

Send him to the club! I need to know about scan consistency. Printers warned me a while back about small inconsistencies altering the code information or scan-ability, lol. I'll need to see the test photography... bahahaha jk Couldn't resist the humor. Thank y'all always for what you all do. Always watching. :)

Fentanyl is a pharmaceutical

Gotta kill youtube. Get all the users off ASAP and bring'em here.

Fentalyl is like morphine except it has a fast onset, so much so that people who steal used patches from patients and try to get high by using a bunch of them containing unknown dosage amounts overdose, and cant take them off since they are unconscious. Also since the dose is small and floats to the bottom of solution when u make cheap drugs, soyou can kill ppl if you aren't careful...

Fentanyl, also known as fentanil, is an opioid which is used as a pain medication and together with other medications for anesthesia.[2] It has a rapid onset and effects generally last less than an hour or two.[2] Fentanyl is available in a number of forms including by injection, as a skin patch, and to be absorbed through the tissues inside the mouth.[2]