You Won't Believe What President Trump Just Ate For Breakfast!

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on you not believing what U.S President Donald Trump had for breakfast. Well, not really but we are trying to prove a lesson here as we interviewed @TheKnifeMedia about fake news, accurate reporting, fact-checking and of course click bait.

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Spin: The degree to which a [news] article(s)/stories are saturated with opinion. Something other than just fact based.

This should so be a thing. A reputation/rating system for articles.

Great new news source!!

hehe thats cool......

I almost got really aggravated by this title. You got me! There are many real articles and videos that use similar headlines to grab the attention of the brainwashed segment of our population and it is really mind boggling to me that it actually works.

But what did Trump eat bacon? eggs? toast?... theKnifemedia seems sounds interesting. Maybe they should include who funds the media they are breaking down. Are their conflict of interests? If so then that should factor into their analysis.

It is good to know that there is people who are fighting for the good fight and against this corrupt system. Freedom.

I actually thought twas about his food though. Anyway, nice one.


I was hoping he had humble pie for breakfast, but instead I got a piece of it myself. Nothing like a catchy title and a promise of mindless sensationalism to whet the appetite of the masses, as your heading demonstrates. I guess the proof was in that pudding!

Nonetheless, you serve up a interesting interview. Thank you for highlighting the work of @TheKnifeMedia. I shall definitely keep as one of my resources.

It all depends on their perception of reality. what they think is objective or not.

good to know that there is knifemedia that exist that is neutral and not siding with the left or the right.

right on!

Fuuuck I was hoping to see what shitty food that overweight oompa loompa looking mofo had for breakfast. Nice video though:)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

It was a joke. I only tease cause Luke is so self conscious about it. haha