The absolute need to create FIRE is so high in the Indian right wingers that I can't even

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This image is being circulated on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp forwards in India to create religious tension among people. For those who don't read Hindi. It's a comparison between Hinduism and Islam with Hinduism having Yoga, Janeu, and Mangalsutra and Islam with Halal, Khatna, and Burka. It says how Islam is better than Hinduism with a score of 3-0. What a shame, to use an educational platform to teach about religious superiority.

But wait! It's a Fake!

A quick reverse image search on google shows that the image is actually of a teacher teaching Sanskrit. This is the first time ever that Sanskrit is being taught in a Madarsa. Instead of celebrating this, pages like "We support Narendra Modi", "I am proud Indian" and other similar ones run by BJP IT cell are using their hatred for humanity and peace to photoshop and circulate images like this on social media to create chaos.