G7 Fight Club

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The first rule of G7 Fight Club is: you do not talk about G7 Fight Club. The second rule of G7 Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about G7 Fight Club! Third rule of G7 Fight Club: if someone yells “stop!”, blame it on Russians…

So, if we cannot talk about the G7 Fight Club, we can send photos!

This year's June 7th G7 summit in Canada was a complete disaster, and even the “traditional” blaming of Russia for everything in this World (including irregular Solar flares), could not hide this fact.

Duration: 5:50

Furthermore, participants themselves started tweeting, instagraming and in other ways leaking the salacious details of G7 Fight Club. The title photo was sent by Angela Merkel at her Instagram account.

G7 Fight Club - Merkel-Tramp-2018-06-10_140921.jpg

Of course, RealDonaldTrump did not want to fall behind:

G7 Fight Club-2018-06-11_000622.jpg

And, of course, President’s Security Walrus felt obliged to tweet it…

G7 Walrus-2018-06-11_002419.jpg

Canadian PM, desperadically correct Funnysocks Crazyhandshake has enraged POTUS with his media conference, just after he turned his back to head off and see his beloved Kim… So he promised a revenge! He was so angry that he couldn’t put everything in one tweet, and had to threaten in another:

G7 revenge2-2018-06-11_005653.jpgG7 revenge-2018-06-11_005243.jpg

Trump's top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, had to contribute his own view to the fake news CNN:

“POTUS is not going to let a Canadian prime minister push him around on the eve of this summit [with Kim] … Trump is not going to permit any show of weakness on a trip to negotiate with North Korea. Kim must not see American weakness.”
— Larry Kudlow, for CNN

Kudlow assured CFNN, adding that Trudeau “should have known better” and “really kind of stabbed us in the back.”

EU was forced to put up their “Terminator” Donald:

G7 Tusk2_cr.jpg

Tweeter reacted in it’s own way:


I really didn't want to talk about the G7 Fight Club, but they did broke their own rules!

And now, stay tuned — this is getting really ridiculous!


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Universal Basic Income


Насловна слика је одлична, @lighteye, говори више него 1000 речи...

То друштво је урнебес, @vvladan. Све више личе на ону чувену Топ Листу Надреалиста:

Остварује се њихово пророчансво 100%

Lmao! Resteamed! Internet Gold! Can I borrow?

Of course, @rykoson :) Glad you like it.

Thanks dude!

Through this post, you have shown that the first rule in the G7 club is that the third rule is to stop talking about the subject. I think these words are very reasonable.

Thank you

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