They're not saying they're coming for your guns. They're SINGING it!

in #news5 years ago

This is creepy.

How do people watch things like this and not immediately want to home-school their children?

This is some crazy propaganda. There are no actual arguments here, just feelings.

I love the one "Actual Statistic" they threw in taking "gun violence" a bit out of context. They're including suicides by use of guns, which, if you banned all guns, would just increase suicide by jumping off bridges or carbon-monoxide poisoning.

I don't know if this is actually marketed towards kids or not, they're byline claims:

The Birds and The BS is the kids show for adults! Because we forgot everything we learned in kindergarten. Join Mr. Jordan and his especially animated friends as they sing you towards the right path…but you know, left.


I had to watch this show in small pieces.
As their rhetoric was infuriating.

Their logic is so shallow that a response cannot even be begun.

Further, and most important, someone put a lot of money with professionals into making this. It was not a couple of people in their basement production.

This was made by the people who want to disarm good people. The top criminals in our land. The govern-cement.


Looks like they just started and they have three videos on Youtube:

This has to be satire. The real left has no sense of humor unless it's full of nastiness and profanity. This is far too clever to be authentic propaganda.

(I had to look this up...)

Mr. Roth, whose company, Jujamcyn Theaters, owns five of the 41 Broadway theaters, has not been shy about his opposition to the Trump administration — he is a longtime Democratic donor who co-produced a Broadway fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It's a self-parody! @ironshield

I don't know, they've got three videos so far and it's all just as cringe-worthy!

How did you find this? I still don’t get why these people who are scared of guns don’t move elsewhere.

I originally saw it on Facebook. You can see their other two videos if you go back to their YouTube channel though.

It's the same as the wannabe socialists...want socialism? Then MOVE to where there's socialism! I told an Australian on facebook who acted like America was some scary lawless Wild West that I wished everybody here who worships gun control would just join them in Australian utopia and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy freedom😂

And this is why I want to homeschool my children!

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Relevance: Ohhhhh Won't You Pleaseeeeee Giveeee Usss Your Gunssss!!!!!(/end song)
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