Police release ‘swatting’ call, video of man being shot to death as a result of hoax

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The police are already deflecting the blame from themselves and onto the man who made the call.

Just remember that according to Wichitas deputy police chief if they get a scary call they pretty much won't be able to stop themselves from shooting someone.

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Why is it that whenever I see one of those “thin blue line” bumper stickers on cars I get angry? I’ve never had any personal run ins with the cops.

I think white, middle class citizens are realizing that maybe there is something to this BLM thing. The enforcers of the state are now coming to our neighborhoods too. At least with regards to black citizens and their contact with law enforcement.

Every American is starting to experience what the black community has experienced for decades. These state enforcers aren’t working “for us”. They are our over lords and if they would at least be honest about it and not try to pretend they were trying to “serve and protect” then there’d be no more confusion on what the police actually are.

I’m not a cop hater.

I have friends that are police officers. But I do know there is a serious problem and the United States has a standing army at home that is trained for war with Americans and that standing army is the modern police force.

Why do I get angry when I see these stickers? Because in the pit of my stomach I get that sick feeling because I know exactly what it means. It means that it’s “them vs us”.

The cops look at themselves as the good guys and all of us as the bad guys and potential threats. They look at us the way I looked at Iraqis and Afghanis while serving overseas. That is why this is going on today.

They are trained for war. They are equipped for war. So when there is no real war or real enemy they have to find one. And guess who that is? All of us. This sticker is the symbol of everything I just stated. That is why this sticker makes me angry.



I wish we could do something to prevent Swatting. I've seen it happen to my favorite livestreamers over the years. It's a waste of police resources and it's clearly dangerous as we see in this news story. I really wish that some form of justice will come to the family of the victim. I really hope that police reform kicks in and there are consequences for actions. I really hope that we can go one more day in this year without a horrible event like this happening. I know what I'm asking for is a lot, these days. Everyone wants to pin the blame on someone else but nobody wants to accept responsibility. Well if I were the office who pulled that trigger, I'd apologize. I'd apologize for the family I ruined, the man I killed and apologize for my own impulses. And I know it's hard, but I'd hope that apology carried words of emotion and forgiveness was reciprocated back, so the whole community can heal together.

Humanity is about compassion and community. We can be angry at each other from time to time but without one another we aren't human at all.

Some food for thought: let's walk into 2018 with acceptance of wrongdoings and acknowledgement of fault. Happy new year and my condolences to those victimized by this.

Thanks for your thoughtful reply, @dzra.

Yeah, it's a tough problem (or complex grouping of problems).

Thanks for this perspective...

Some food for thought: let's walk into 2018 with acceptance of wrongdoings and acknowledgement of fault. Happy new year and my condolences to those victimized by this.

Welcome to Steemit, by the way. I'm following you now in hopes of more valuable insight like this.


This makes me so mad!

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#CopsAreScum. Yes, even your police officer "friends". If push came to shove, would they stand with you or with their gang?
There are nice cops, there can't be "good cops".

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