The Israeli Massacre You Won't Hear on Mainstream Media [VIDEO]

in #news6 years ago

While the mainstream media has begun talking about the massacre going on in Gaza, there is still a lot they DARE NOT tell you. Here's my recent segment from Redacted Tonight on this tragedy -


Man, it's pretty cool how you put humor in your presentation of such a tragedy while effectively denouncing the horror of the situation and without disrespecting the victims. Great talent.

I’m sure the Ukrainians were given weapons money and backing when they resisted the pro Russian government,Syrians had the same the Libyans even the Iranians are promised help to fight the government. Why then is a Palestinian life worth so little in the new century .

So why didn't the mainstream media show it, I thought they were enemies of Israel?

vidio in a tense gaza I am also sorry about the incident in gaza.i like vidio media gaza from you. Thanks

Unfortunately, video doesn't load. Have you tried dtube?

I was able to view it moments ago, maybe try again
and yeah go too!


Yesterday i forgot, will change my picture to a palestinian flag to show support and to raise awareness about what is happening and happened with this incident, would be nice to see massive users using the flag too to show disagreement on what happens there spread awareness, would be nice to see a running tag like #endthesiege or #stoptheblockade

Nice to meet you @leecamp, take me a bit to realize you were actually the one on the video and not someone posting a RT video :P

Reminded me a bit about Bill Hicks, keep it up!

pd: the idf tweet is insane, i remember some years ago on my fb days (i am not there) checking the idf fb page, oh insane place.. people being schooled on racism and hate, they lack feelings for palestinians

zionism is no good is like the word live but backwards!

this is just outrageous.killing unarmed innocent civilians is unacceptable.the one or ones that gave the order to open fire has to be punished.clearly a massacre.

Stop Resistiiinng!

Stop resisting - my boot - with your teeth!

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