DNC Secretly Rig Primary Elections More Than Ever [REDACTED TONIGHT]

in news •  3 months ago

On the new episode of Redacted Tonight we cover the changes the DNC just made to its rules. People believe it's a big step in the right direction, but meanwhile the DNC has secretly rigged the primaries more than ever.

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With this new wave of social media covering up, time for abby and other journalists to join steemit. Thanks Lee for replugging

Awesome skit from Natalie!

Hi Lee,

Think you might like this one..., as it shows you the NET RESULT of all these useless elections.


The Declaration of Congressional Incompetence, September 1, 2018


thanks for the plug @leecamp...

a piece on immutable blockchain based social media is due my friend... doesn't even need to be about steemit specific !!

As long as they don't bring it to the Main elections, I wish them what they deserve

Great show, and shout out to Natalie for a great segment! Minor point to top story: Have seen elsewhere that DNC can't govern how states cunduct their primaries, and hence among other suggestions can not require state parties to allow absentee ballots at caucus, but that it's a recommendation. Hopefully at least some state parties stand up to this. With regards to the new vetting measures of presidential candidates, hopefully someone is able to track the candidates the DNC chair denies and map their backgrounds to uncover patterns.

Watched this on YouTube and got the message the show is on Steemit. Yay.