The Declaration of Congressional Incompetence

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The Declaration of Congressional Incompetence

September 1, 2018


When in the course of human events, it becomes apparent to the people that their representatives have, for no less than a century it must be affirmed, not only failed to serve them but have also have taken it upon themselves to appropriate the power for their own selfish means instead of faithfully serving their constituents and fulfilling their immutable duty to uphold and defend the Constitution for the United States of America.

We the people, therefore, find you in grave contempt and grossly negligent in your duties and demand your immediate resignations for the following offenses, some of which amount to no less than treason:

For, on countless occasions, breaking your Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution for the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

For, upon numerous occurrences, being that very undeniable and insolent domestic enemy.

For creating and enacting an unsanctioned, duplicate act – the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 – which bore no legitimate purpose since you had already passed The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801 – for the apparent intent of transforming the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., into a municipal corporation with all the ramifications inherent in such a perverted substitution.

For shamefully passing the Federal Reserve Act on December 23rd, 1913 – undoubtedly the single most destructive and treasonous event in United States history – whereby and from which point you grossly breached your duty as the sole authority set forth by the Constitution to create money and assign the value thereof; but, instead, relegating such elephantine powers to the infinitely greedy clutches of private banking interests who have now for more than a century been able to steal the wealth of the people whom you were bound to serve and protect.

For passing the National Security Act of 1947 which lead to the creation of the CIA – the centerpiece of the Deep State apparatus that has created an immeasurable amount of chaos around the globe and which has essentially subverted the system of effective government domestically.

For repealing the Glass-Steagall (Banking Act of 1933) which separated commercial banking from investment banking so that big banks could no longer us depositors’ funds for their own speculative gambles. Even though the 1933 act had worked quite well for over six decades you, nonetheless, decided to repeal it with the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act in 1999 which lead the 2007-08 Financial Crisis, nearly collapsing the entire global financial system, upon which you authorized billions in tax payer funds to bail out not only American banks, but European and foreign ones as well. Irresponsibly, and willfully ignorant of recent history, each and every one of you have failed miserably to introduce a bill to re-instate Glass-Steagall; nor have you made any significant efforts in this regard to prevent further crises.

For passing hundreds of war bills which have led to wars and foreign conflicts killing hundreds of thousands innocent civilians around the globe (most notably in Iraq and Afghanistan) and resulting in a financially ruined the nation to the order of trillions of dollars ($4.6 trillion since 2001, to the tune of $250 million per day since September 11, 2001) while padding your pockets and millionaire lifestyles from campaign and other contributions you’ve received from the major Military Industrial Complex corporations while your constituents have suffered huge decreases in their net worth – largely due to theft from inflation created by your Federal Reserve. You have irresponsibly chosen to appropriate trillions in tax payer funds for these endeavors of destruction and devastation instead of putting them to better use to serve your constituents and people of your own nation. Have you no shame?

For abusing your positions of political power and influence via the revolving door between government and industry whereby you have pursued unethical and immoral endeavors for your own selfish contrivances.

For approving countless bills – such as the 2001 Patriot Act (a humongous bill that was clearly written well before the September 11 attacks) and its subsequent reauthorization acts – that have created the world’s largest and most invasive surveillance apparatus ever known to mankind which unswervingly obliterates citizens’ privacy, constitutional rights, and civil liberties on a daily basis.

For shamefully prostrating yourselves before the big pharma lobby by passing the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act completely shielding pharmaceutical companies from liability when their vaccines cause injury or death of innocent babies and children – the most vulnerable members of society. Other ill effects of this shameful act include a government-guaranteed market for this industry, much less rigorous safety requirements, and a tripling in the CDC’s vaccine schedule which greatly increases additional health risks associated with vaccines. And for enacting the 21st Century Cures Act in 2016 which lowers pharmaceutical product licensing standards and deceitfully waives the requirement of informed consent towards patients in clinical trials – an abominable precedent that should not have any place in practice of medicine.

For overstaying in your lucrative and influential political positions for much longer than you deserve.

For passing one of the most egregious acts every put forward by a civilized nation’s legislative body, namely the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 which contained a provision that allowed an administration to indefinitely detain an American citizen on the on the mere suspicion that they are engaged or involved in terrorist activity, effectively suspending the constitutionally protected right to due process, the right to a trial by a jury, and the right to habeas corpus.

Despite our countless letters, emails, phone calls, and pleas, you have failed in your most sacred of duties to respond in kind, and have ignored and mocked those whom you are bound to serve in lieu of an endless supply of special interests that have provided incalculable benefits to you.

We, therefore, categorically demand your immediate dismissals from the posts for which you are neither worthy nor able to perform dutifully.

signed, We the People.



The Declaration is also available in PDF format here.

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This is the first Collection of Congressional Tyranny I have ever seen, it's a list of everything that needs to be reversed, I just never seen it all in one article, very nice work Liberty Academy!

Thanks. There are a lot more shenanigans that could be included in there such as how Congress kowtow's and serves the interests of Israel too. But perhaps a shorter document will get more views and will help awaken a few more souls.

You did rather well with that list, it was a perfect history, first time I've seen it all put on one list, you would never stop writing if you talked about our government's collusion with Israel, I've recently come out in defense of Trump in his fight against the Deep State, but Trump gets a big fat F for his dealings with Israel, he's the worst on that subject! Israel has never been more Tyrannical than they are now under Trump's watch.

Those are some very astute and truthful observations about Trump especially with regards to Israel. Although many contend Trump is "business as usual" so to speak, he is not and is undoubtedly rustling some feathers of the Deep State apparatus / Establishment. He will either make or break himself, in my opinion, this Fall with the Mid-Term elections (and the remainder of his tenure as Prez, no matter how long it may be). He needs to start dropping those bombs (i.e., sealed indictments) very soon and fire his AG Sessions right after the Mid-Terms so they have a chance of being prosecuted justly. The sad thing is, though, no matter what happens with this, the dollar and the Fed are his biggest elephant in the room; the debt, annual budget deficits, pensions, etc., are too monumental for him to do something even minimally workable to rememedy the damage that has been done over the last several decades. If he manages to pull that off, he can do down as one of the greatests. But I won't hold my breath.

This is a good argument for term-limits. If we want these problems solved, it would help to vote out incumbents.

FYI we already have term limits. It is commonly referred to as the "Vote" every 2 years. Instead of party, vote to put new bodies on the job, as there is little difference between the two major parties when it comes to actual results.

More proof they are sold-out souls just in it for the gravy-train.

I found me! I'm "government and industry"!

Yep! Hope people take the time to explore and discover your awesome Venn diagrams.

I’m printing these and hanging them around town!

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