Syria Conflict worsen Us,UK ,France sudden airstrike

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Some Facts in  Syria and Reason for proxy war

As we know a week ago Usa claim that Asad''s army has uses of chemical weapon and it leads to so many deaths.So Trump warn that He will launch air strike at any time he want to teach a Lesson to syrian army and Russia.

But Mr Donald Trump why do ignore rebels are fighting against Syrian Govt. Attacking syrian army killed many civilians ? Why Donald Trump ignore when Sauda Airstrike on Yemen, and ISIS was running a war movement in Syria . ISIS and Rebels were funded by Saudi Arabia and America.

The problem is that when ISIS snatch all asesst of Syria Like crude Oil,Gold every thing.When ISIS raped many yazdani girls sold them excessively.Trump and Usa remain silent. 

The actual problem of syria is War between Muslims categories.

Why Saudi Arabia is involved in proxy war

Syria has large population but 80% are based on Shia Muslim and 20% are Sunni and Others.So saudi made a plan to take off charge of syria and start funding ISIS to fight against Syrian Govt. He is also a friend of israel, According to some experts syria is Importent country for Israel. Because it has a border with it. Israel need a place to expand its country as their population is growing and they are not having enough land to live in.

Saudia Is against Shia govt in syria backed by Iran.So when ISIS Attack Syria Iran was worried that a Shia Govt will be destroyed so He ask russia to get in and Help.Russia launch airstrike and killed so many ISIS Leaders.

On the other hand USA who is the rival of Russia become involved into this matter .

As Usa blaime on  Iraq Iraqi Army has chemical Weapon then executed The president of Iraq.Unfortunately it was a false blame.Actually Russia is helping syrian govt to fight with rebels. These rebels Live near or inside the civilian population and launch rocket launcher and destroyed many russian war head.

When Russian fight and killed so many rebels member of a islamic terrorism orgnazationed funded by Saudi Arabia and United State Of we can say its a war between USA Saudia Vs Russia and Iran and Syria is just a battle ground.

The Air Strike

 Us,Uk, and France Attack 24 hour ago about 120 Guided Missiles were involved in joint Airstrike.Killed so many syrian soldiers.According to Trump it was react on use of chemical weapon by Syrian and Russian Army.
UK claim of ‘humanitarian reasons’ for Syria strikes picked apart online 

 First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon described the legal position 

Nicola Sturgeon (Tweet)
1. Legal position seems thin. In absence of UN resolution or self defence - the two clear cut legal grounds for attack - reliance is on averting humanitarian crisis. But not easy to see how humanitarian crisis - the result of years of civil war - will be helped by air strikes

 The Syrian  forces said around 110 missiles were fired by Us Uk France using warship in red sea on Syrian targets and that the country's defense systems .They claim that there some casualities of soldiers happen however 50% of missiles were destroyed by Russian and Syrian Join anti aircraft defence system.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin argument, said that  the US-led coalition attack has made the humanitarian more  worse, caused pain for civilians, and damaged international relations. Russia warn that He will react against it and Usa will be gifted with very solid Action. 

 The Russian Ministry said   70 out of 103 cruise missiles launched by the United States and its allies, But only 7 missile has been achieved to its target so there is no serious damage in this attack. 

I am afraid that this proxy war could become World War 3 and we need Peace no War. If this proxy war become world war 3 and Russia start attacking europe or Usa. There will be non stop able deaths every where.
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As long as there are no Russian or American casualties in this show-off of power the Syria will remain a playground for these forces. But there's a fair chance the casualties will happen so let's hope those in charge will not rush headfirst into WW3, nobody will win that.


Syria has become a great resource for countries
All countries want to steal Turkey's goods

I really do not enjoy keeping up with these things because the are so de-moralizing. But keeping my head in the sand will do so much more harm. Starting with the inside of self for acceptance and change, but feel inadequate to the task. Thank you for your work. Peace and good-will.

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So basically, USA, England, France, and Russia are fighting over non-american, non-english, non-french and non-russian soil!!!! OH! and the victims are Syrians!

This is so called war to grab the Land . Why the Heck rebels leave weapon and stop taking aid from US and Ksa the supporters of Israel.

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All missiles hit. None were shot down.

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Every county need to help and support Syria.
What is the fault of syrian children.
oh it's very sad.
we can do anything. because we don't have any power to do something.

Please Save Human And Save Humanity

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No need to afraid, We can expect good happening. always God saves us.

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