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Now that Google, Twitter, YouTube and other Internet Giants are censoring author content, there is no better time for them to switch to Steemit.

When a form of SteemQ SteemQ is finally released, there will be such a huge rush to the door (especially from alternate media), that Steemit will become the worlds first de-centralized, blockchain venue(as it already is, but will become the beacon of the world). Come on @furion we are rooting for you!

A great read on this topic as related to YouTube is from @titusfrost Click Here... oh don't forget to upvote him!


It is them (Corporate Media Giants in collusion with governmental coup cabal), against us..."We The People" we must take an alternate course to their agenda. This is a call to arms in some small way...but avalanches start this exact way... and it is for the saving of humanity (I know many will think this an over the top type expression (hyperbole), but I think not).

Just a small sampling of sources:

First here is Sean of SGT report talking with Bill Holter, SGT is one of the main targets by Google (changed algorithms), YouTube and Twitter.

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Unfortunately Steemit is not as censor-proof as you might think.


Nothing is totally censor proof I suppose, however, the corporate agenda is not aligned with that of YouTube, Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc.

do you know to how many places the blockchain of steemit is distributed? if it is only a few places, and these were shut down, steemit would be easily censored in it's entirety.

as far as i understand, with bitcoin, the bitcoin blockchain is downloaded by every user. is this true of steemit? it seems impossible, as i cannot turn off my wireless and still find anything on steemit. where would it fit? i have to think this cannot be the same as with bitcoin. this musing probably sounds stupid to someone who knows the answer, but i have little frame of reference to conceptualize this.


A great question...hopefully someone with that level of knowledge could answer here.


Every user who wants to can download the block chain and host a local copy.


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