The Noobs Abandoned Us. We Betrayed and Dumped on Them by Selling Them "Revolution"

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Ask any financial advisor, trader or economist about the nature of markets and they will assure you that they all move in cycles. There is no difference whether the market is about Bitcoin, Coal, Soy Beans or Google Trends. The initial cryptocurrency adopters told the non-believers that this model is far more superior than its FIAT counterpart. Yet, when they saw themselves amassing great fortunes they acted exactly the same as the 1% they initially run away from. They dumped on the 99% while the noobs joining the revolution got fucked twice by both the traditional and crypto markets.

If you are the average wage slave, working 9-5 and getting some savings together so that you can hopefully get out of this financial pyramid scheme, the only way to accomplish it is to compete in this rigged system. Most people though neither have the nerve, experience or attitude since finance demands for all participants to be ruthless. The game is zero-sum. Even if wealth increases overall the gap becomes wider. This much is evident when we examine the entirety of human history.

Noobs won't be thankful that 200 years ago they died of disease and malnutrition while now they have malls, access to health care and basic housing. Yet, the top tier folks will assure them that they are better off today compared to the past. As they are the economic gate keepers they improve living standards for all. This is absolutely true but we forget one simple rule about humans. We like to compare ourselves to others. An average worker 100 years ago was much closer livelihood-wise to a rich man. Health gap wasn't all that huge, the rich had only 100 times more than the poor and there was not much difference in clothing, utilities and lifestyle.

Today the gap has become 10.000 times bigger. The rich can afford pretty much any health care they want while the poor are only left with public hospitals where amateur doctors practice on them so that they can gain expertise. The rich live in extraordinary houses and have amazing amenities yet the poor cannot even afford where the rich where living 100 years ago. The gap has widened and people give up. I am not gonna bother you with links and tables. Just google "suicides at all time highs". This is true across the entire demographic spectrum. Human misery expands when some have and others do not. When the gap is smaller it also appears more attainable and people relate more to each other. Otherwise we get the effects of imperial times where Emperors and kings where so much apart that we though of them as Gods. To an extent this is what happens today with our economic and pop-culture idols.

We are not fooling anyone by selling them financial revolution when in this space literally everyone wants to get rich and just uses technological words so they can advance their scheme. We can't full anyone when we sell them all kinds of revolution that will take power from the strong and give it out to the poor when we sell on their asses once we get the chance. We are not fooling anyone when we are spreading fear and misinformation about evil capitalism and wall street when the same people in crypto use the same tricks to fuck people over.

Even on top of all these, most idiots follow people like Roger Ver, The Dollar Vigilante, Trevor James, Craig Wright, Ian Balina or Venture Capitalists that just want to do x100 on their capital. They create wealth for the future (the say). They support revolutions. And most idiots believe them. Time after time the same moronic communities support and promote them because money follows money. They weave their spider web and wait for flies to stick.

I am not a revolutionary or someone who wants to change the world. I am fine with idiots making me rich because this way you can at least prevent some of them from copulating and spreading their moronic DNA. The point here is for the sharks up there to understand that they are lying to those people. Their only aim is profit and IF technology tags along, then so well be it. There is no financial revolution with crypto. The only revolution is that early adopters create their own coins, their own communities where they crown themselves kings by printing the same imaginary money as FIAT guys do. In order for the system to work in these small virtual kingdoms is to attract the idiots and silence those who speak the truth. The exact same tactics are used across the entirety of human history.

If you want to witness your future overlords listen to those who use the same political buzzwords, the annoying douchebags that accuse the old system so theirs can shine, — the same sharks that bait on you on twitter that "shit will go up" and you will be rich. They are all part of an elaborate pump and dump scheme that keeps perpetuating until wealth is amassed at the very top while you, the noob, fights for small things. During the next pump they just need an x2 or x3 while you will be chasing x100. Guess who will be left holding bags once more. Guess who will get even wealthier while you wait for the next idiot to liberate you from your heavy bags.

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"We like to compare ourselves to others."

Well stop doing just what you "like" and also do what you "dislike" if it leads you towards your aim.

"The point here is for the sharks up there to understand that they are lying to those people."

They probably do understand. And like cheating, you probably can't lie to a person who isn't lying to himself.

""you can at least prevent some of them from copulating and spreading their moronic DNA"

That seems to happen in the rest of the animal kingdom. Why would humans be exempt?


Animals eat other animals for flesh, humans eat each other for money and power. This way, some human's are worse than animals, because animals eat for need, humans eat for greed.


It is hard for people not to compare themselves to others. We are social animals. We all do it one way or another.

Keep working, stop paying, and the whole pyramid collapses, on any given tuesday.

Haha. Great article. Unfortunately the competitive world doesn't give the freedom to a common man to take any risks. They have to go by the traditional ways. The ups and downs of the market give heart attack to a common man who earns just enough to fill his stomach daily.

We all are running after 10x, 100x, and it is only possible if loads of money enter into that coin market.

But if the project is worthy, most of the intelligent people have already entered in it, and now it can go 2-3x and that too because of some big event or when the market is bullish in a course of time.

So, what I have understood with time in the crypto markets is that the bigger the targets they have, the more easily I will lose my money in that coin.

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deep thoughts

It is always the same history repeating it self :D sad and true but as the Latin phrase goes Historia est vitae magistra - History is the tutor of life.

Even if the gap between the rich and the poor gets wider, it doesn't make it a zero-sum game.


1 unit of currency today has a different value 10 years from now.
It appreciates

So if the rich have 10,000 units of currency today and the poor have 10
in 10 years the rich will have 1,000,000 units of the same appreciating currency while the poor will have 100.

It is a zero-sum game with a touch of ponzi. The entirety of the market, from milk to housing is based on that very same appreciating unit of currency that will buy less and less for the poor guy and more and more for the rich.

and this is exactly what happens