A Sneak Preview of the Secret Project I'd Hinted at on my last Witness update

in news •  3 years ago  (edited)

Figured I'd show my favourite Steemsters a wee eyeball taste of what the top secret project I announced I'd started developing in parrelel with streemit.online on my last witness post.

Every other respectable currency has fast, public investment enabled games of chance built on highly scaleable and cross platform languages such as Node or Ruby.. While I can't outright announce the name of the site just yet I'm super pleased to announce the STEEM network will have a proper provably fair 1% house edge, publically open to investment dice game with built in STEEM and SBD currency rolling in the near future.

Say NO More! When Can I Dice and Invest?

An ETA on when it will be ready to launch I'm not even going to speculate at. When you're dealing with money (especially others funds) site needs to be 110% secured and tested before it see's a public launch. ~cough cough right Steve? cough~ Given that this site is the first of it's kind in the STEEM ecosystem I'm almost certain once completed this project will find wide spread popularity and usage.

Are you a Developer with free time? (Rare I know)

Want to lend a hand? Are you a 1337 Node.js wizard? If so cast a spell below in the comments section perhaps with a link to your github so I can see what you're capable of. While I'm likely able to finish the site myself I'm spread pretty thin at the moment and would love a helping hand or code mentor to help me speed up the development process.

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

O M G!

Finally! Love the invest feature!

Glad I have voted for your witness for some time now. ;)

Will the investment wallet be a wallet here on Steemit so it can receive interest as well? Will the investors receive most of that interest? Its a pretty good timing now that the divestment time is going down to 13 weeks, in case it would be needed for cashouts.

Also, is this provably fair on the Steemit blockchain?

I'm still working on getting the investment system up and running. I do intend to pay out all intrest accrued on balances while they are invested in the site but I've still got some serious code to write and math to figure out before I've got it to where I would like it.

The provably fair system is based off of SHA-512 hashing. Right now the average connection can roll about 6-10 times PER A SECOND.. If we moved it onto the STEEMchain you'd introduce a 3+ second lag per a roll. It's nearly 2017, No one is going to gamble or invest in a dice site that has seconds delayed between the action.

Is the 3 second delay really that significant? Wow

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

No dan. it's absolutely perfect for what we are using it for on STEEM.

But when I can take pressure of the blockchain and roll 30+ times in the time it would take me to post the bet to the network and get a response it simply doesn't make sense to use the STEEMchain for this purpose. :)

Edit: I see where you may have gotten offended. My communcation skills and writing is sub par at best.

I meant in regards to a dice site. Not STEEM itself. You and I both know this is the fastest blockchain out there and my poor wording could easily be interpreted above as me having a piss at STEEM.

This simply isn't the case. And at the end of the day it's better we leave the projects like this offchain in order to reduce bloat and load. In my opinion anyways.

And there goes all my STEEM, lol. At least some of it will remain locked in SP so I can't gamble it all away :)

Great job, I am excited for it to be released!

As someone who once was all over the dice and gambling I understand completely how you feel.

I managed to give up gambling just under a year ago. Smartest decision I've made in the past decade. :)

Now you just come and chat to grab a free drink! :)

It was a decision that ultimately puts me on the path to be successful and right the stupidity that gambling caused in my life.

Great but not my game. I am not a gambler :)

What about a steem faucet?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I'm looking into implementing one on http://steem.global in the next few days actually.. :)

Great. Take me as a beta tester, please. And referrer / promoter, of course :)

Right now I'm still tying in wallet functionality as well as fortifying the site.

If you'd like to come check out the early alpha version though shoot me a PM on steemit.chat and I'll hook you up with a link. it's still VERY rough around the edges.. certain buttons crash the whole server.. others don't have their functionalty built or linked yet.

You however can make an account. grab the 1.337 fake STEEM faucet and come roll a few times for fun if you like. But it's not polished nor to be taken as anything near what the finished site will be. :)

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Nice idea @klye. Upvoted and followed

Kinda like your name too for some reason

Cheers man. I like your name too. Somewhere between star wars and fapping. :P

hehehe not sure about the fapping part hehehehe BIG star wars fan though hehehehehe

It all comes down to the roll of the die.

Way she goes!


This is so cool! I don't usually roll the die, but I do like Hi-Lo games. In any event, I'm definitely excited about the invest feature (and possible faucet). Way to go, @klye

This project has been planned for a while but I hadn't started in on it yet...

It's crucial we have more services built for STEEM / SBD. This is a step in the right direction I think.

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