[ANN] BlockPay "S" v1.5.13 released!

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BlockPay "S" v1.5.13 released!

BlockPay enables any merchant to accept one or more digital currencies at Zero Cost. No setup fees, no transaction fees, no recurring fees, no fees at all. Period.

This S-tandalone version of BlockPay allows you to choose up to 7 currencies in addition to market-pegged Smartcoins, to offer to your customers as a method of payment. Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Steem, Steem Dollars and so on...

BlockPay Standalone version

Your customers pay the tiny network fee (usually just a couple of cents, depending on market-liquidity), and can use their wallet of choice such as Smartcoins Wallet, Mycelium, Dash Wallet, Bitgo, Coinomi, Jaxx, etc.

BlockPay is in 44 languages, so it can be installed nearly anywhere in the world and be up and running in just a few minutes. Accounts are totally free and are encrypted by the Bitshares blockchain.

You can automatically send Loyalty Points to your best customers who can then use those points for discounts on their future visits. Loyalty Points can also be cashed out on the open market if the customer so chooses.

BlockPay also supports custom screen savers. So, when BlockPay is not being used, it can cycle through your custom image advertisements. Watch a Proof Of Concept video.

Does your customer want a receipt? No problem. BlockPay also sends eReceipts to the customers phone automatically as they pay for their goods or services. More and more wallet providers are supporting eReceipts every day along with the ability to read BlockPay QR codes and NFC signals.

Faster and safer than cash, it's another path to profits!

In this latest release (DOWNLOAD IT NOW), the server connectivity issues should be mostly solved since we have just about got the new server setup this week. Remember we had to freeze you-know-who's bank account which of course means that the server hosting bill did not get paid. Anyway, this new server (plus we are adding a second server for redundancy asap) picks up the slack and should help eliminate the rest of the network latency. We also added support for the Android Keystore for encrypted data storage, as well as migrated more of the user data to the new database in preparation for the v2.0 release of our Smartcoins Wallet, aka "Carbon".


FREE Technical Support!

If you need any help, or a demo, or would like a custom Integration with an existing Point Of Sale system, your local BlockPay Ambassador is just an email or phone call away. We currently have over 50 BlockPay Ambassadors in over 30 countries so far, and our team is still growing (yes, even after you-know-who's hostile takeover attempt), so feel free to connect with us on Telegram chat at any time:

Follow me here on Steemit for updates and my Weekly Reports, or if you have issues with the app or have ideas for future features, feel free to ping me on Telegram:

I hope you like our work! :)
Peace, Love, and Agorism.



  • Implement upgraded Bridge (for coin-shifting)
  • Add support for NFC (tap and pay, instead of having to scan a QR code)
  • Integrate with C-IPFS for decentralized hosting of app assets (images, class files, etc) and apk download (and no more app store "approval" needed!)
  • Integrate with Bitshares blockchain to secure user settings (so if you ever re-install, or setup additional devices at your business, settings can be pre-filled for you)
  • Add Settlement features (settling to fiat at your bank)
  • Add support for Stealth transactions so that merchants can keep their transactions a secret if they like
  • Upgrade BlockPay for Odoo, and begin more custom Integrations such as BlockPay for Tetra, BlockPay for SAP, BlockPay for RasPi, BlockPay for Vending, etc.
  • Add employee tracking and tipping features

I hope you like it so far, more to come! :)


What a great project but who's "that guy" in the video?

"that guy" is "you-know-who" grrrr

At least now I know what he looks like but this post is about that great accomplishment!

Congrats guys!

I noticed him.

Thks @kencode for this new release. Now it's for us to make it happen in the communities.

EXACTLY! I mean it's freakin free for cryin out loud. Business owners just need to download it and try it out. Plus free tech support! :)

..unless of course they don't want to make more money.. lol

Great news. It sounds so smooth and simple. But just you know how many hours and sweat you put in this project. Amazing. Congratulations. Restemed, of course.

Yes! This is fantastic. I've been waiting for something this simple and straightforward to come out. Thus far, the biggest stumbling block I've come across telling people about crypto has been trying to demonstrate how you could use it in place of actual money. Apps like these make that a reality, and it's as simple as scanning a QR code.

What will be the advantages of BlockPay vs viva.cash?

Hmm, maybe we should design a side-by-side comparison chart.. thanx for the idea! :)

I can help put this together side by side, even with Plutus Project and Monetha Project, all build on Ethereum. BlockPay has a lot to offer and full ahead of what is outhere. @kencode i love the free support feature from the global Ambassadors network.

MUCH love @pnc thank you! :)

Yes thats a great idea, could be a clear and useful desmonstration tool indeed ! ) upvoted !

@kencode Awesome, I like the facility of multi-currency wallet storage and seriously hope that it will be a trending success in the near future, particularly when people start looking for more Altcoin wallets due to SegWit implementation on 1st August.

This Is very Interesting, I will keep an eye on the progress of the project and the road map. I will consider using this in my retail business operation. There are some innovative features that will compliment my project. How can someone be an ambassador for this in a Country?

thanx pml2020 :) just ping Rodrigo on Telegram chat: http://t.me/BlockPay

Upvoted & RESTEEMED! :)

This could make paying by cryptos easy!

Amazing project👌 👌 👌! Really much needed initiative!👍
Is there any global ambassador in India yet? Can I see the merchant sign-up stats somewhere?🤔 🤔

All the best to you @kencode in settling the issues with you-know-who! 😉 😉 😉 Resteemed & joined your telegram group. More power to you! 👍✌️✌️

🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 I’m trying to use a lot of emojis here to Celebrate the World Emoji Day this week. Are you? 🎊 🎉 🎉 🎉⛄️

Not sure where the Ambassadors are located, but I do know that we have something going on in India, you might want to hook up with those guys. Ping Rodrigo in the telegram group and he can probably fill you in.
Thanx @xyzashu :)

Sure, I'll.👌 Thanks for pointing me to Rodrigo!👍

🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 I’m trying to use a lot of emojis here to Celebrate the World Emoji Day this week. Are you? 🎊 🎉 🎉 🎉⛄️

I just emailed him :) Prague...

I love the way you show the steps you take to create the finished sketch. Your posts are like a learn to draw book @kencode

This sounds amazing, i'm sure it will be a huge success.

Bet this has huge implications for BlockPay. Your supporting so many coins.


This is very exciting stuff though. Phones, websites, etc will not need to talk directly to servers with full copies of the blockchain any more we require them to have a full copy of the Internet with every possible link the user would click on.

Exactly, I am looking forward to putting C-IPFS on all kinds of stuff, not just our apps. Routers, TV's, vending machines, every electrical internet-connected device on earth can become a node imo, hence our C-IPFS project. Then we can help to decentralize the internet, CDN's and a hell of a lot more. Oh, and we no longer need an app stores' approval muhahahaha ;)

Will there be iOS developent soon?

i doubt "soon", but ever, yes. :)

I can't wait ;-)

Wow I need to wrap my head around this. Thank you for the post.

looks great nice post. im gonna take a closer look .

that's awesome with no fees!

BlockPay will automatically support whatever the Blocktrades bridge supports, no update necessary :)

What happens when your phone is stolen or lost ?

Buy a new one and import your account via you brainkey, wif key, or .bin file.

Good luck friend !!

It sounds amazing.


nice article i download it and will start using this wallet soon.

BlockPay is not a wallet, but Smartcoins Wallet is a wallet :)
Thanx for the compliment though @atechforu

very nice images, i like
I love to join in steemit and to help each other
#voted and follow you
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Sama sama tatulong ureng aceh- indonesia bek tuwoe follow back

hello,ken,do blockpay has whitepaper? I didn't found whitepaper in blockpay website.

There are lots of "whitepapers" out there, that's for sure, but in the meantime, we are actually launching products, improving upon them, and launching more.

I don't really have much time for writing and blogging, but people do send me product ideas, so if you have ideas too, just ping me on telegram so we can discuss them :)

ok, I am interested in this project and I wanna know some info of this project,like how much token in total and hoe much has been distributed in the pre-ico

Thanx for your interest @peterchen145 :)

That is a question for the CFO, but we're not sure where he is.

There is 130 of us in the new BlockPay telegram group though if you'd like to join us in chat. Maybe someone there knows about the token/finances etc.


Hope to see you there! :)

I will take a try, you know , In China ,it's not easy to use telegram.

why don't you just focus on one single thing for now? one single thing a time. I think you do so many things. You don't have so much time. just suggestion

I enjoy multi-tasking, so I can't imagine doing just one thing, seems like a waste of time to me (which humanity does not have much left imo). Now is not the time to slow down.

but focus on one thing could be more effective。like if you focus on blockpay, maybe it have been practical and could do more marketing now. maybe we have 100store accept blockpay now

Why rely on others to do all the marketing, when it is people like you who can help us to show it to business owners? Ambassadors are not paid a salary, they are people just like you and me who bring BlockPay to businesses... :)

Hello! I'm @evgenya86, nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my blog, I will follow your account, please follow me ... Good luck in everything :)

What happened to the 0.5% transaction fee?

You got me quite excited and then the Visual Capitalist came with the unbanked opportunities in the world

BlockPay charges the 0.5% fee to the consumer, not the merchant.

First I was,

Oh you can't do that, customer is king.

But it's good strategy for merchants.

What I really wonder is, can we avoid VAT? If a merchant is not a company..? No contract with the fake State, Kingdom (fill in your usurper)?

Everyone can avoid extortion, you just have to seek out and use the alternatives.

Notice the Agorist flag I posted, black and grey. Black symbolizes the "black markets" or everything made illegal by the state. Grey symbolizes the grey markets, or for example receiving cash for something but not bothering to declare that sale to the state.

Anyone who has accepted cash and not declared that on their taxes is already part-Agorist. (grey market)

Anyone who has ever bought a dime bag (you know what I mean) is part-Agorist. (black market)

This is referred to (in part) as counter-economics. You create and/or use the systems that will eventually render the existing system obsolete.

I think deep down a good majority of us have Agorist ideals. Just search the word agorism on youtube. Here is one of my favorite explanations of it:

Thanks, I did't know that! I'm always surprised when people know what I'm talking about! But Steemit is really the social network with the most interesting people. It's like a dream come true and I'm not exaggerating. All the stuff I was thinking about and it is already invented! I don't have to do almost anything!