Cryptocurrency Headlines on Week 47, 2018 - Part 1

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Cryptocurrency Headlines on Week 47, 2018 - Part 1

1. Crypto Insurance Is Hard to Come By. Unless You’re Coinbase COINDESK
2. Bitcoin Cash Is Now Two Blockchains – That Might Not Change Anytime Soon COINDESK
3. ICE’s Bakkt Delays Bitcoin Futures Launch COINDESK
4. Four More ICOs Hit with Cease-and-Desists by Colorado Securities Regulator COINDESK
5. Bitcoin Mining Firm Giga Watt Declares Bankruptcy Owing Millions COINDESK
6. Bitfury Adds Former SEC Commissioner to Advisory Board COINDESK
7. Bitcoin Cash SV’s ‘Blockchain Reorg’ Likely an Accidental Split, Not an Attack COINDESK
8. Capitulation? This Bitcoin Sell-Off Still Isn’t as Extreme as 2015’s COINDESK
9. Bitcoin Price Now On Pace to Post Worst Month in 2018 COINDESK
10. Report: US Officials Are Probing Tether Role in Bitcoin Market Manipulation COINDESK
11. IBM, Columbia University Launch Blockchain Accelerator Programs COINDESK
12. US Election Commission Says Crypto Mining For Political Campaigns Is ‘Permissible’ COINDESK
13. Huobi Creates New Committee to Work With China’s Communist Party COINDESK
14. Crypto Exchange-Traded Product to Launch on Swiss Stock Exchange COINDESK
15. Traders Claim Losses After OKEx Suddenly Settles Bitcoin Cash Contracts COINDESK
16. Crypto Exchange Kraken Warns Traders Over Bitcoin Cash SV ‘Red Flags’ COINDESK
17. Beyond Price: Why We Need a Better Way to Value Crypto Assets COINDESK
18. 7 Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google Staffers That Went Full Crypto COINDESK
19. Huobi Exchange’s Plans for Russia Go Well Beyond Crypto Trading COINDESK
20. Deloitte Blockchain Chief: Bad Crypto Headlines Making Clients ‘Nervous’ COINDESK
21. SEC Settles Securities Registration Charges Against 2 ICO Startups COINDESK
22. Crypto Job Interest ‘Still Strong’ Despite Decline, Says Indeed COINDESK
23. Erik Voorhees, Salt Lending Being Investigated by SEC, Report Says COINDESK
24. ECB Official Calls Bitcoin ‘Evil Spawn of the Financial Crisis’ COINDESK
25. Bitfinex’s Parent Company Has a New Offshore Services Provider COINDESK
26. Binance Warns Iranian Traders to Withdraw Crypto Amid Sanctions COINDESK
27. Malaysian Banking Group CIMB Taps Ripple for Blockchain Remittances COINDESK
28. Coinbase CTO: Time May Be Right for Home Crypto Mining COINDESK

The above headlines were abstracted from various websites and presented to the viewers for easier access.

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