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RE: The Russian Poison Story is WMD 2.0

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Great job James. I have been thinking the same thing, but I haven't dug that deep into this story yet. They really do want war at all costs. Thanks for the great research.


It seems they'll get their war one way or another unless we get to the masses first. We've got to shake 'em & wake 'em brother. Mabey this will be the war that nobody comes to.

And today are also presidential elections in Russia, so guess who is going to win again 😎
I wrote a short post on that thematic:

Victory in this war is impossible. Even if you kill all the inhabitants of Russia. There is the program "The Dead Hand". When computers do not receive from Russian signs of life, all ammunition of nuclear weapons flies to NATO countries. The world begins to develop from the Stone Age. You can kill Russians, you can not win.

Good thing the Mahabharata shows that humans are far too civilized to do such a thing.

I am comforted.

The "dead hand" is a super computer. It was created in the USSR. In the event of the destruction of the population of Russia, a nuclear strike will be struck. This blow will be caused by the computer. People do not give a command. If there are no Russians in Russia, a nuclear strike takes place. So the program is arranged.
The number of Russians should not be lower than a given threshold. As soon as there are few Russians, the computer does not understand the reasons for it to strike a nuclear strike. You can not cancel the strike. Even the president of Russia can not abolish this blow. So the system works.

That may have more relevance to the Mahabharata than I suspect.

Not a great indication of hope for our future, is it?

Maharatma is the sacred book of the Hindus. As I understand it is partial. There was Professor Zharnikova. She died. I was engaged in research. Judging by ethnography and embroidery. Maharatma is a small part. I came from Russia. Although it's wrong to say that. Rather, from the territory that is now Russia.
I can not speak a lot of books and explain the meaning. So in the name of the geographical places. Embroidery, language. Much more. You need to find the research of Professor Zharnikova. If they are in English read.

Unfortunately the Vandals behind the scene are psycho/sociopaths....they don't care who or how many die.

If in this case there will be a nuclear strike on their mansions and lands? I do not think so. If the population of Russian people decreases to a certain percentage, there will be an apocalypse. This is not a religion. This is technology. Defense of the USSR from attack. Not important it will be war. This will be the extinction of the nation. But if so all die.
I do not know the language to explain. Look for information. "The Dead Hand". This is the defense of the USSR from an attack in the event of a nuclear war. I can not explain it more precisely. I do not speak the language.