Is 5G danger real? Is Travel Channel warning Us? What phones do.

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Do you know about 5G? Well it has many people talking. Here is a quick example of what will happen


I was watching travel channel and caught this. This is not a warning but a mocking of us and what is to come. 5G is not worth it nor is A.I.. I believe we are all ment to die and ya it sucks but is what it is.


5G Bluefin users manual link below

I hope you see that even though wifi will be faster, is it worth dying for?
Your kids have phones now and you will see what the brain does with a cell phone.
Its happenning now with our smartphones.

This hat is funny. But tinfoil hat is for radiation.

Our kids or our kids kids will be unable to have children due to this super hi frequency. Dr. Royal Rife explained that frequencies can kill organisims like cancer. Most cancer treatments use radiation and it is the most practiced treatment. But now imagine that times a billion or 100 billion.

It is being talked about and even written that cellphones are harmful, now imagine the towers doing what the cellphones do. This will be the whole body not just the ear by the head.
Cell phone cases that help
One more
Link to buy the cell phone protector

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That is real danger but can the world really avoid this? The answer is No. Guess is best using the safety gear

True thats why i thru that in at the end. But we can fight it we will just have no internet if we do. Lol. Thanks for responding. Hope alls well brother. Take care

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This i is way funny u will laugh. No need to resteem i declined payment but it was so funny i had to share with ya.

ha ha.really funny ...

Its hard to cover healing with all this info being dropped. I cant really say but my post all have meaning and i am trying hard to get people to have an open mind and question things even my stuff. Creating curiosity getting others to ask questions.
I have a bellys palsy treatment coming soon and ill be sure to hit you up when i do. Thanks for getting back to me and posting my stuff.

Just sent over a post and some steem. Not about healing but fun none the less.

Yes, all is well. Thanks for asking

You are welcome. Its funny you are tge first person to answer that simple question. Im doing fine. I thank you for the thank you. Best info on protection from our talk last night.
Watch "How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone and EMF Radiation" on YouTube

Okay. I will check it out

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