I for one, am rather glad for you not being deployed. I think that the US government is not serving the interests of the people. Were there to be a referendum in the US to decide which war people would vote for, I think there would be a hellava lot less countries in crisis from being war torn. Rather humanitarianism than war. America would be a great country once more if they believed in themselves and their abilities to do good than start unnecessary wars.

Turned 16 years old in 2001 in Oregon and did not want to join the military to fight in any of those countries because I felt like I could not trust people in the government and I wanted to and tried to trust Bush because some said Bush was better than Gore or Clinton.
Wars profit corporatism and Soros and others.....

Great video..
I followed you and upvoted this post:)

I am writing a new article about this now.

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