Meanwhile In Canada ;p

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I capture this video in Montreal, Canada a few nights ago during an ice storm.

I'm sure at this point in the year everyone is feeling cabin fever just about and really really ready for the never ending winter to be over and for spring to start.

Best wishes to everyone and I hope you're having a fantastic week, let's get this summer rolling ;D




I don’t miss those Canadian winters

Keep warm my friend @jazminmillion

Have a great week and i love all the seasons :)

That was incredible 😱I love Canada and I carve to see the winter in there but this video made me think twice 😅

That's Natural Factor, Another Other Place His Weather Season. In Our Places Only Summer and Cold.
Thank you @jazminmillion

we here have only two seasons, summer and winter, but not so cold as in europe

Thanks a lot of dear sharing this news. I always see your post and follow you..

Cool video bro...but I can't see u...miss u bro

Wow, now that's cold

Actually it was not that cold but compared to some parts of the world, I guess it may have seemed so.

It's all relative for sure, so for a Sydney-sider it looks real cold!

Hey, just wanted to let you know I gave you an upvote because I appreciate your content! =D See you around

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