The Buildup to War with Iran: Russian Warship Spotted En-Route to Syria with Military Vehicles on Deck - 5/2

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Preparations for War with Iran Continue as Tensions in Syria Escalate

  • US officials confirm Israel behind Sunday night's deadly airstrike in Syria
  • PM Netanyahu gives war propaganda presentation to demonize Iran & convince Trump to pull out of Iran nuclear deal
  • Trump's comments appear to indicate the US is planning to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, the main obstacle to war on Iran
  • US officials say an open war between Iran and Israel is likely
  • Russian fighter jet buzzes US spy plane over the Baltic Sea
  • Russian Warship spotted traveling to Syria, loaded with military vehicles

Wednesday, 5/2

UK's Express reported yesterday that "RUSSIAN warships carrying military vehicles above deck have been photographed making their way to Syria as tensions in the Middle East escalate."
Russia-warships-152 photo.jpg

The reinforcements were spotted by naval observer Yörük Işık en route to Tartus on the north Syrian coast.

Mr Işık said: “BSF Tapir class LST Nikolai Filchenkov 152 transits Med-bound Bosphorus en route to Tartus, Syria for its second deployment in 2018 carrying military vehicles above deck.”

The naval observer previously spotted a Project 117 Alligator-class landing ship at Bosphorus, Turkey on April 15.

This follows Israel's airstrikes in Syria on Sunday, as confirmed by US officials, which killed dozens of Syrian and Iranian fighters and caused at least two large explosions, destroying an underground ammunition depot along with many allegedly Iranian surface-to-surface missiles stored there. The article goes on to note that, According to US officials speaking to NBC news, Israel is preparing for open warfare with Iran. From a purely observational standpoint, that certainly appears to be the case, and it is obvious that Russia is also preparing for this imminent war by supplying Iranian allied Syria with more than just the S-300 system.

Tuesday, 5/1

Fox News reports:

A Russian fighter jet buzzed a U.S. military spy plane in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday morning, two defense officials told Fox News.

The Russian Su-27 jet performed a “safe” but “unprofessional” intercept of a U.S. Navy P-8 surveillance plane while flying in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

The article goes on to point out that this is the first such incident since January.

It’s the first incident between Russian and American military aircraft since January, when a Russian fighter jet buzzed a U.S. Navy EP-3 spy plane over the Black Sea.

The Fox article concluded with this:

Tensions with Russia were ratcheted up over the weekend, when the country's foreign minister claimed the U.S. is trying to divide Syria.

Sunday/Monday, 4/29-4/30

Sunday night: Israel strikes Syria again, targeting Iranians again (47th Brigade), and this time it is a worse bloodbath than the last Israeli attack which took place in early April. At least one large underground ammunition depot was destroyed, which created a massive explosion. At least two major targets were hit. Below are a couple shorter videos on the airstrikes for more details.

Tyranny Unmasked:

Blackstone Intelligence:

Monday: PM Netanyahu gives a dramatic, theatrical presentation in English about how 'Iran Lied' about their secret nuclear weapons program 'Project Ammad' (ended in 2003), in an obvious effort to ensure President Trump withdraws from the Iranian nuclear deal, which is currently the single major obstacle to war on Iran. And if it wasn't clear before these most recent airstrikes, Israel is intent on war with Iran.

Thankfully, it appears that a great number of people aren't buying the war propaganda, while experts and officials are openly admitting on the MSM that Netanyahu's dramatic claims are meaningless, as all the presented 'evidence' is ancient and irrelevant. Below are a couple such examples.

Ben Rhodes on MSNBC:

CBS News:

Lift the Veil also did a great job covering the Netanyahu presentation and related news, including Trump's comments following the presentation:


It certainly would appear that the US is on the brink of involvement in Israel's war on Iran, and that Israel is intent on US withdrawal from the nuclear deal. It also seems pretty obvious that even without direct US involvement, Israel is intent on starting a war with Iran, and in fact already has. Iran just hasn't started fighting back yet, directly. In a matter of weeks, the final decision on the nuclear deal will have been made by the president, and assuming the US does withdraw from the deal, it will be most interesting to see how Russia responds. Would Russia actually directly engage Israeli or US jets if they were to declare war on Iran, or would Russia step back and allow Iran to be toppled just like Iraq and Libya?

Lots of interesting developments to keep our eyes on, but the one thing that is certain is Israel's determination to wage a preemptive war of aggression on Iran in Syria. The biggest question seems to be how exactly that will play out, and only time will tell.


It's pretty scary stuff. You have done a good job summing up what is happening, and I appreciate that you call a spade a spade, as in, Israel being the aggressor. We are looking at a dangerous game of alliances.

Thanks for the comment, appreciate it. I'm just so sick of seeing America dragged into unnecessary war after war of aggression for oil, Rothschild bankers and Israel - time and time again. It's about time America stops waging wars for Zionism, time to withdraw our troops from around the world, and shut down our military empire, if the world ever hopes to see peace.

Great job putting this together👍

thanks! I try my best, and just hope war with Iran can be averted, or at least US involvement which could easily lead to world war...

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